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Police State Update: The Media’s Apathy Over Domestic Drones

The way that a recent article on NBC News talks about drone aircraft over U.S. soil sure makes them sound like simply a financial liability, as though that’s the greatest of our problems. Technology columnist Nidhi Subbaraman notes that, according to statistical estimates, drones are up to “300 times more likely to crash than small civil aircrafts.” This is mostly due to the fact that they don’t have any humans aboard, which allows them to be “pushed harder than piloted planes.” Boy, if only we could improve their durability!

Never fear, though! Drones are “getting smarter” all the time because of the fantastic contributions of university researchers and DoD contractors. Just two months ago, we even learned about a great number of colleges that have now begun offering drone piloting programs for a fast-growing job market.

Starting in 2015, as well, “regulators will begin granting permits to a wider array of small drone operators in U.S. airspace.” Just a few years from now, we can look forward to about 10,000 commercial drones operating over a number of American cities.

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They create the very tools

They create the very tools that would one day expose them, well, unless they do something unheard of, and ban "something" from the public

Just imagining a world with drones, in the power of those that will, makes me shiver, im still hopefull they are all gone by the time it gets here

Im opposed to drones used for reasons of tyrrany, so for that, i'd rather not have them, but in a world won by liberty, i can imagine uses for them, in a non surveilance, non weapon platform way......PLENTY of checks and balances though.......debated, well thought, sometimes, genius, checks and balances.......in my mind if the c&b are not sufficient then bye bye bill

Progress in unmanned technology, i.e. going to places a human, as of yet, may not get to........im not opposed to that, science for the sake of science, with c&b's.
The reason im against "drones", is the current reasons for wanting them, war and surveilance, and any other reason that i might not be aware of, kept secret, because of the fear of opposition from the public, IF any

You are right, this is how the police state creeps in.

Remember the police in full swat gear and guns in hand invade organic farms! Now we are placing a sophisticated drone weapon in the hands of the police to use as they see fit against American so called dissidents, terrorists who might drink raw milk, or disagree with the illegal wars.

The media appears unthinking and foolishly trusting of the authoritarian government. For many of these talking heads we are waiting for signs of intelligent life! But they will shape the thinking of the unthinking public.

And what about

all the money to be made by investors.

Reminds me of the controversy regarding LBJ and his investment in Bell helicopter.

Wonder how all that money is helping him now?

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