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Poll: Most Americans back path to citizenship for illegal immigrants (I don't think so)

More than 60 percent of Americans back a path to citizenship for the nation's estimated 11 million illegal immigrants, according to a new poll of nearly 4,500 people conducted by the Brookings think tank and the Public Religion Research Institute.

Those who identified as Democrat and independent were more likely to say immigrants should be given a chance to legalize and become citizens, with 71 percent and 64 percent of those groups, respectively, backing citizenship. But a slight majority of Republicans—53 percent—also said the immigration system should give illegal immigrants a chance to become citizens.

Lots of comments disagree too.

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I have known some Natives -

I have known some Natives - Arapahoe, Navajo, etc - and they generally like Mexicans due to a common ancestry and similarish culture. Conversations get really weird and illogical when you have a so called by themselves "Native-Texan" who obviously has Eurasian origins bashing these people.

it's all in the wording

If you say do you think illegal immigrants should get Amesty, overwhelming NO.

Here is the path to citizenship, get in line, apply, learn English, wait until you are eligible.

Thing is, they can do that now, so why aren't they?

I hope i dont get any flack

I hope i dont get any flack for this, but if so, so be it

The one critizism i have with some americans is the importance they put on citizenship over individual right

I dont know the dynamics of your imigration problem, so i cant judge how severe something may be when it involves imigration, but human rights shouldnt go out the windows once your labelled an imigrant, what needs to happen is massive debates on solving the honest problems of imigration

Personally, i dont think i would oppose a bill like this in my country, do we then become the very people we fight, by treating immigrants as if they have no rights........no, you RECOGNIZE the rights they OWN, and hold them to the standard we hold ourselves, and just like everywhere else, youll find good people, and you may find bad people........can you look in those good people's eyes, maybe liberty folk, and say to them "get out of my country".........heart sickened by the thought

but i do think that, if its causing a major strain on a country, they should have the right to close the borders........until they get their house in order, and then practise a sensible imigration procedure, if their able, and if they choose to, im not opposed to it, if it is sensible, and non restraining on the country

Anyway, thats what i think, what do YOU think?as i said, i dont have any idea apart from the obvious of why imigration is bad in a strained economy, i have the sense that i might not be privy to a whole lot of things..........but the human rights thing, will always stand, but i'd rather understand the situation better then not, IF something needs understanding

I say that "you" bit, in general, im certainly not trying to single you out OP, or attack, im always worried my posts may be construed as an attack, hope you know its not, you got me to comment on something i didnt think id be commenting on the first time i glanced at it, but as soon as i saw the highest comment on that article, ........well, it changed my tune

Thanks for posting both recap and article leading to comments:thumbs up

Bravo, gomez.

Nicely put.

More immigrants are fleeing than entering. The way the laws have been changed in the last seven years makes it almost a fact that an immigrant (without documents) will not be taking a job of a citizen. For one, there is a new draconian identification check called e-Verify that's nearly universal. For two there are large penalties for employers caught employing immigrants. Three, we now have essentially a national ID, in the form of our old State driver's licenses. Immigrants can't get them. So they can't drive, if they're caught (with tag readers), they will be pulled over, jailed indefinitely until they admit where they are from. So they do. We have a gulag system of detention camps set up around the country to house them until they deport them. Obama deported more than all other administrations combined.

They are not going to close the border because they are secretly EUing the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Amnesty is a joke. It will immediately mire the immigrant in $200,000 of USGOVT debt, require them to support the government's unfunded obligitory ponzis (Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare). They will have to 'go to the back of the line', meaning wait 20 maybe thirty years for benefits...LMAO...sorry...LOL I tell every immigrant I meet not to be fooled. But contrary to what Americans think, they do not want to stay here. They would just like some human rights while they are here.

But Ron Paul also recently said that the Amnesty plan was to make sure that every employer eVerifies. So an estimated 10 million US citizens would be ineligible to work as well.

It is really sad. What is even more sad is that the folks that I know who are the most vocal are pure and simple racists. They have a fear of the short, dark, and accented individual. Lots of so-called libertarians are like this as well. Mexicans in particular are just plain looked down upon here. It is really bizarre. But I have traveled far and wide and every place has there dirty little brother generally living just South of them. It's a human thing. Mexicans do it to Guatemalans. In the South though, they look down on their Northern neighbors.

Forgive me for being blunt,

Forgive me for being blunt, but thats a fucked up situation, i hadnt realised american imigration law was that bad

And just like that the phrase "they hate us for our freedoms", just got that little bit more ....ironic