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New Yorkers given $500 rewards if they report gun owners to law enforcement

New Yorkers given $500 rewards if they report gun owners to law enforcement

So like is New York the new North Korea now or something? Or maybe it’s reverting back to the old days of Nazi Germany. For over a year now, New Yorkers have been offered $500 rewards to snitch on people who own guns. The Andrew Cuomo mafia has done a real job on dumb New Yorkers. Cuomo makes Eliot Spitzer look like a rookie. He even makes his daddy Mario look ethical!

CBS-6 news reported the existence of the tip line on Wednesday. It was previously a “well-kept secret” that received little promotion from state officials or fanfare in the media, according to the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association.

Information leading to an arrest can earn callers up to $500, according to an operator who answered the line when The Daily Caller called. The number is 1-855-GUNSNYS.

Read more: http://www.fireandreamitchell.com/2013/03/20/new-yorkers-now...

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the list of informants needs

the list of informants needs to be hacked and made public.

This sounds like a deceptive

This sounds like a deceptive title. They are offering rewards for stuff that leads to an arrest, not just info that someone has a gun.
There is a line in my area you can call to report crimes and they will possibly give a reward out. Same as with this though, it has to lead to an arrest and, I think, a conviction. So its more along the lines of encouraging people to turn lawbreakers in rather than them just give out money for info. Of course I suppose we are all lawbreakers here. haha

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Everyone call the NY hot line


From the comments from the article:
I just called them to report a man who owns firearms. The lady that answered said “is it an illegal gun”? I said “I don’t know, it didn’t have a passport or any visa that I saw…and she said ” I don’t understand”..are you reporting someone with a gun? I said “Yep..I’m reporting me!! I own 30 of em..I live in tn, come get me!!” she hung up..guess she didn’t want my guns.

NOW, That's Funny!


Thanks for posting meekandmild