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ASTONISHING: Life Found 7 Miles Below Sea Level

ASTONISHING: Life Found 7 Miles Below Sea Level

Steve Connor | The Daily Telegraph
Published: Mar 18, 2013 | 10:14 AM

Scientist have found a thriving community of microbes living at the deepest known point on the surface of the Earth – a massive underwater canyon in the Pacific Ocean 6.8 miles below sea level.

The bacteria were recovered from muddy sediments at a point underneath the central west Pacific called Challenger Deep in the huge Mariana Trench, a gigantic chasm in the seabed which is big enough and deep enough to swallow Mount Everest entirely.

Marine biologists said they were astonished to find such an abundance of microbial life-forms living off the dead and decaying matter that sinks to the deepest parts of the ocean where pressures are more than a thousand times greater than at sea level.

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the theory advanced in the book Black Gold Straglehold...

...eluded to the point that oil may be produced naturally by the Earth, and, it may be abiotic!

It would seep out through crevices in the bottom of the ocean, and said microbes would attach themselves to it...

Uh oh, there might not be a finite supply of oil in the Earth....uh oh!!!
Uh oh, it might not be the product of dinosaurs that were buried millions of years ago!! Uh oh!

Oil falsely defined as "fossil" fuel in 1892

to create the belief that oil is "finite" by none other than..(drum roll)....J.D. Rockefeller.


Do you realize that he was a hero to mankind?

That the crime against humanity known as anti-trust was invented by those who were unable to compete against him on the free market?

That he saved more whales than all other humans in history combined?

That he enabled more people to achieve education than any other human in history?

That his innovative secondary industries (after-market products from oil refinement) did more to lift the so-called middle class out of poverty than any other industrialist/inventor (including Edison) has ever managed to do?

That the FMSM pilloried him for decades much as they pillory today's achievers?

That Americans and indeed the whole world fell for the FMSMBS because of the whole "Progressive Era" PR blitz?

That his descendents were untalented and relied on trusts to avoid personal bankruptcy?

That the Rockefeller Foundation does a lot of evil in the world now because no one (including self-professed libertarians) seems to care any more about his benevolent legacy or his good name?

Does abiotic oil

...get replenished quicker? Or is there just so much more of it that no one need worry?

it replenishes rather

it replenishes rather quickly. When they go back to those old dried up oil wells that were plugged up, They start spouting oil again.

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32

Someone described it to me as being similar

to the way our bodies replenish our blood supply after we've donated a pint of blood.

Just a theory.

Cool, thanks

I haven't paid much attention other than acknowledging that the newer theory seems more plausible. I'm skeptical that the abiotic oil which has been sucked out of the ground over the last two centuries will be replenished any time soon.

In other words, I haven't paid much attention because I don't think it really matters much -- at least not until they find out a way to synthesize the abiotic process.

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Thanks for the article

You always post good stuff.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

This one seemed very interesting..

Thanks for posting..