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Charlie Rangel: 'Millions Of Kids' Being Gunned Down By 'Automatic Military Weapons'

Apparently millions of kids are being gunned down by automatic military weapons!! Someone please stop the carnage!



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Millions ???

I Can Only See Signs Of Dementia...

http://youtu.be/hrnND0iTfjo (Knowledge is Freedom)
http://donttreadonliberty.org (Knowledge is Freedom)

maybe he is confused...

I think he is referring to all the children in the Middle East we are mowing down with Automatic Military Weapons.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

Seems to be the case. Our

Seems to be the case. Our military seems to be showing that they can't use their weapons like rational adults. Maybe its time to desolve the military save for the Navy with a few Marines aboard those boats, and give all those military style rifles to the American people so we can rest them comfortably and vigilantly in the direction of all the would-be tyrants here at home.