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Bernanke May Step Down Before Disaster Hits

RT: Bernanke hints that he's tired of being Fed chairman

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s role overseeing the United States’ central bank could be over in under a year: the economist alluded this week to stepping down at the end of his current and second term.

Speaking at a routine press conference on Wednesday, Mr. Bernanke hinted at ending his reign as chairman of the Fed as early as next January, retiring from his role without seeking a third term in office.

Should the chairman exit the bank early next year, he will likely step away from the Fed before the policies he enacted to revive the US economy are fully completed. Under Bernanke’s rule, the Federal Reserve has launched several rounds of quantitative easing, controversial programs that the chairman himself credits with saving the economy. Critics, however, claim that these programs are creating another market bubble that might result in as much as $500 billion blown in only three years.

Continue: http://rt.com/usa/bernanke-hints-he-will-quit-610/

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No.7's picture

That would make sense

Or will he set the economy up to fail just after President Obama leaves office?


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