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PETA kills over 90% of dogs and cats that it takes in, they don't believe in animal ownership

PETA - People for the "UN" Ethical Treatment of Animals, the same people that parade naked women serving non-meat hotdogs kill over 90% of the dogs and cats brought to their shelters.

They don't want you to own cats or dogs or any animal.

Time for some pay back catsup splatters on their non profit leadership.


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Is that not criminal?

Cruelty to animals?

WTF? I would expect this in Mexico or something BUT VA???

If I saw this I would call the Police.

I am totally upset about this.



actually had their workers charged with cruelty to animals

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Even worse...

There were monkeys being studied, PETA stole them and drove them to Florida, seriously stressing them; after some time they gave the monkeys back, and they were so stressed that they were useless for the experiments. I read this in a book on brain research, I forgot the name of it now.

PETA is evil.

Edit: here is the story about the monkeys: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silver_Spring_monkeys

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good one.