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9 year old discusses the meaning of life and the universe (Video)

Who wants to bet this kid was homeschooled?! Imagine if we had a society of people who were raised like this kid?!


Published on Jun 6, 2012
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He's no John Stuart Mill, call me back when he can read and write Greek and Latin at age 12.

Is this kid..

up for adoption? I would adopt in a heartbeat! This kid thinks about all of the ideas I started thinking about at 15. Holy Cow! On top of that, he is articulate. How many kids have an answer for the question of a deterministic universe? Very Socrates-esque

-Matthew Good

He is like a young Socrates

He even wears the same brand of shoes.

Drain the swamp!

good parenting...

its so refreshing to see children who can articulate our existence without resorting to some religious dogma....

Think for yourself......Question authority...

Awesome Awesome!

awesome awesome! When he speaks about the purpose/meaning of life is it instantly remindeds me of one of the most notable philodophers of the 20th century and what she said regarding the issure. The kid says to decide what you want your life to be and no one can decide what you should do and no one has control over what you want to do. Some people call it selfish others call it self-esteem. Either way I think man needs self-esteem to be human. This kid gets it. http://youtu.be/Ki12zyW2zac

That's one sharp kid waxing

That's one sharp kid waxing very philosophical!

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Incredible and inspiring.

This boy represents a perfect example of what is possible when we don't choose to fill children's minds with fairy tale solutions to the mystery of existence. Let's give them honesty, beneficial tools, and accurate information and just watch them (us) thrive. It took me over thirty years to sufficiently dissolve the confusion that resulted from my own brainwashing and to form a solid basis upon which to establish my own knowledge and understanding of what is taking place. This kid has a level of understanding and tools to navigate the mystery that I rarely find in adults. This is intelligence evolving. Brilliant parenting. We need more.

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Blaa blaa blaa. Kids are so funny.

Sit him down and shut him up.
He needs to prepare for public school. ;)

The wasted potential in all of us is atrocious.

..and wonderful.

We have a long way to go.

When my kid was 3 yrs old...

she asked me, "Is this a movie?". I asked if she meant life & she said yes. So I go into this long-winded explanation of Shakespeare saying all the world's a stage, etc. and ultimately led her to decide for herself & she did with a 'yes'. A few weeks later she asks, "Is this a spirit movie?" & realize she's really on to something...we are spirits in the material world! Unfortunately, that type of childhood wisdom has faded over time for her.

Wow, out of the mouth of

Wow, out of the mouth of babes

Hope he can go through life keeping that free mind, unrestricted......if .you are getting a generation of these kids america, then im envious at the possibilities

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:) Bump

for the wisdom of children.

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A wonderful Indigo Child!

There are MANY. The bat shit crazy stuff we see in this world today are Indigo children ruined by their parents and society(TPTB). If we would have just listened to them. Children born especially after 1990 are very special.

They see things that we don't. They comprehend things we give no thought too. They will either SAVE or Destroy this world we live in. DO NOT try to control them. Listen and learn. ADD, ADHD is just EVIL holding back goodness. TPTB knew they were coming and prepared for it. That is the reason for drugs and Flouride. Get the children off the meds and listen to them for a change. The rebellous, sit with them in a forest and listen. Smell the soil in the garden with them. We have much to learn.

TPTB are systematically killing the saving grace of this WORLD by OUR willingness to accept their diagnosis of OUR children.


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what I thought about one minute into watching this.

Indigo for sure

Here's an Indigo child if you've never seen one

Jackie Evancho - Indigo child


2 Chron 7:13-14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

nice bike Jim

ok that's off topic.

Kids are great before we brainwash them. Before we tell them that the colors that they "hear" are crazy.

This kid is very scientific

This kid is very scientific and rationally minded, which seems to be the opposite of an "indigo child". There's no evidence that such a thing even exists.

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Are you alluding to the Age

Are you alluding to the Age of Aquarius and the higher level of conscientiousness that humans are supposed to attain?