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McCain, Levin using rumors of chemical weapons in Syria to bomb them.

Looks like McCain is at it again looking to start fighting another war and claim its all in the name of protecting someone. How can anyone justify murdering a bunch of people than claiming it was all for their own good to protect them.


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This post didn't get much

This post didn't get much traction back when it happened, but it seems very revealing on the state of things today. McCain has been pushing for and warmonger over syria for quite a while.

So as I understand the UN is

So as I understand the UN is investigating rather the "rebels" used chemical weapons. And for this McCain and Levin feel chemical weapons use in Syria justifies us going in and bombing the place and forcing bashar out. And that the use of chemical weapons by the side that we are supplying support to already, makes it "more in our National security interests to act".

Yeah not a warmonger there, he is a rational guy really. Was going to put :p but its really not a laughing matter and potentially some of service members will die for these ideas.