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Billy Corgan: Total Paradigm Shift, Something Greater Than Fear

Originally posted on Thu, 03/21/2013 - 21:29

Smashing Pumpkins founder and lead singer Billy Corgan joined Alex Jones once again in studio for a powerful interview. In this excerpt, Corgan analyzes the momentum of the infowar, while hinting at an even greater awakening hindered only by population's refusal to confront the truth and embrace a shift into a totally new paradigm.


Extended interview below:

Billy Corgan: Total Paradigm Shift


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I too dont think Alex will

I too dont think Alex will change much but thats ok, he plays his role well IMO, but its nice to have people like Billy beginning to see that to win this we need to change the hearts of men not just appeal to there reason

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I can't even watch this because I don't trust Jones

But Smashing Pumpkins was possibly the greatest band of all time. Just listen to Siamese Dream if you don't agree.

Sounds like Billy is starting to grasp a little more of it too

I remember the first time they talked Billy wasnt ready to see the total scope of the NWO and Alex being Alex was always pushing him further down the rabbit hole, now it seems Billy has a better understanding of it and he is maybe ahead of Alex realizing you have to appeal to more than fear and reason to get folks to truly wake up and realize its worth the fight to resist tyranny... it truly is a Spiritual battle

I dont think Alex will change much but thats ok, he plays his role well IMO, but its nice to have people like Billy beginning to see that to win this we need to change the hearts of men not just appeal to there reason; humans are irrational, reason will only get you so far

so what does he do right

so what does he do right afterwards? talks about the virus missing from a weapons lab.

Mark Dice has a funny perspective on this.

the virus is form a college lab,- not that the colleges make viruses for the military, but still....


We must deliver our message

We must deliver our message through entertainment.


Great interview, but man at some point you wish you had a cartoon frying pan or giant hammer to bong Alex over the head with. Billy was speaking in calm measured tones making a point and Alex just cuts in babbling usually missing the point. Billy showed great patience. I love Alex but sometimes he just gets on ones nerves.


Alex didn't come off as being very intelligent in this interview. Like you said, he interjected with stuff that showed he missed BC's points. I noticed that this interview, BC grabbed the microphone (figuratively speaking) back from AJ when AJ would interrupt him. It showed that BC adapted to AJ's poor interview (though BC's great one) from last time.

I wonder what BC's opinion is of AJ right now. In the first interview AJ cut off BC a bunch of times. In the 2nd interview, AJ kinda showed he doesn't really understand what BC is saying. In light of that, I wonder if the "Corr-i-gan" thing gets under BC's skin.

Mr. Cor-i-gan, Mr. Cor-i-gan

Hee, hee. Alex said "Billy Corigan." I swear, how Alex pronounces Corgan always makes me laugh. "Corigan." lol. Good times, Alex. I'm confident Billy catches this mispronunciation each time even though Billy says nothing about it. Good on you, Billy. Good on you, Mr. Corigan. :p

I like this interview. I disagree with Billy's advice to invite, what it looks to me, heads of groups. Doing so could elevate collectivism at the individual's expense. Then again, it could have the opposite effect, spreading the word among people and raise the individual in that he respects himself, which would carry over to respecting who he interacts with. Just depends on how Alex handles his advice if he implements it. My advice, stop the fear campaign, do continue interviewing and reporting and, yes, have more of what you had with Mr. Cor-i-gan, discussions and conversations. Not an abundance of discussions and conversations, just enough of them to continually invite people responsive to freedom. Quantity and quality, in other words. Reporting and, to a lesser degree, interviewing are different than discussion and conversation, yes. Their difference to interviewing and reporting is that they, discussion and conversation, are interactive (rather than active and reactive), thereby prompting activity of the one plane of life that conducts the other plane of life, the physical. The one plane? Mental. Thinking -- which, I think, starts on self.

These two planes comprise spiritual. One plane affects the other plane. Although, one does affect the other more, much more, than the other affecting it. Physical-->mental. In my favorite health book is this advice easy to miss because of its placement: Study nature, not books.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.

the shared human experience

excellent interview and thoughts are spot on. Wish I had more time to elaborate what is going on in my mind. But off I go for now.

I'm going to listen to this

I'm going to listen to this interview again. I heard it live and it blew my mind.

Alex breaks them out of their trance

Many seekers find his in-your-face style unproductive though no one can argue he contributed a whole helluva lot towards the cause of liberty

{ dear god : please keep Alex and all his family safe tonight }

. . . . I like to remind everyone that part of American's difficulty seeing through the fog of establishment lies is a chemical problem: fluoride and bromide and mercury and aluminum cause brain damage. Americans are brain-damaged.

Detoxified Iodine can reverse some of this damage:





Michael Nystrom's picture

Corgan to Jones: Pivot

"Draw from a deeper level of source."

(So you don't get burned out)

We all need to draw from the deepest level of Source. It is the only way to we're ever going to win.

All this arguing & bickering... Obviously, those engaged in that superficial level of discourse aren't serious about the ultimate goal and mission.

Corgan is asking Jones to Pivot: Take the message to a higher level. Can Jones do it? I would love to see it.

But that's not what i mean

But that's not what i mean either... i don't know what i mean in words...


Jones would have to bring in

Jones would have to bring in other people, where the other people rub off on him, and not so much the other way.


Jones would have to bring in

Jones would have to bring in other people.


As do I,

but with all of Jone's interjections which don't follow Corgan's point leads me to believe he doesn't understand what is being asked of him.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

he speed reads. he reads a

he speed reads. he reads a lot.

i made a conscious decision when i was younger that i wouldn't speed read. i wanted to hear the voices of the narration. so it would take 8 hours to finish reading something it probably would take Alex just less than an hour to read.

you lose patience, if you are Alex Jones. that's why he is wound up like Yosemite Sam. and he hasn't led a life as a homeless man, where he is content to listen to other people speak.

in the north, in the snow, you want to listen to people. only if its really important do you want to speak. otherwise, you just are happy to not speak at all.

and Jones has missed out on good literature, fiction. He says truth is stranger than fiction, but there is historical fiction that he might like, like about the Cathars. Zoe Oldenbourg's Destiny of Fire is a good book to read.

but there is other stuff. and this stuff requires patience, it requires you to hear voices in the narration.

The amount of info that he is taking in won't allow for that kind of patience.


Yeah, Jones is a rabble

Yeah, Jones is a rabble rouser. That's his schtick. Corgan is challenging him to be more. Get beyond the facts and relate to people on what motivates them. Not what motivates him, Alex Jones. Use the facts to base your arguments, not to beat "unbelievers" over the head with. If Alex Jones can do that, he will become dangerous. Right now he's just a charicature.

Michael Nystrom's picture

He gets a lot.

But maybe, as someone suggested below, if he watches it again, he'll understand.

Waiting it.

Just listening to the end. He says he's got butterflies. He says this may be the most important interview he's done in 17 years. He feels it in his gut. "Watch it, analyze it." He says that right at the end.

"As a civilization and a species, we are in grave danger."

He'll get it. Reading between the lines, from what Corgan says, Alex is getting tired of the same old schtick (as am I with the DP). At that point, you have to pivot. Look at what Dylan Ratigan did. Pivot or die. No doubt Alex feels a great sense of responsibility. Maybe he need, like Ayn Rand's Atlas, to shrug for a bit. Take care of himself and do some thinking and reevaluating.

But I have full faith that he gets it.

he always says it's his best

he always says it's his best interview ever when he talks to Billy Corgan. i knew he was going to say before it began. i'm pretty sure if you go back to the previous interview with Corgan, he said the same thing.

Whoooaaaaah, i got goosebumps. I got chills.

Of course, he gets chills. i don't doubt that.

I hope Alex can find people that take him to the next level. he already is of that level, but... i guess there is no one around him for him to realize it... so he's stuck in a groove. he could learn a few things ... but .....

Texas Sucks. End of Story. If Texas woke up, it would be the death of the Illuminati.


Ahh I have to

learn the error of my ways, I can be much to cynical! I rather you be right, I just cannot seem to see AJ ease on the sensationalism (sure a lot of the things he covers are important, but leave the sensationalism to the msm press) and practice being more profound.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

The Last Five Minutes: Rock Wars ON!

Why does the Military-Industrial Complex draw young people in, making them think that they are doing their duty for 'god and country', only to ignore, discard, and shun them when they get older, when they have a deep belief that the 'rights' that they think they fought for should be now given to them freely?


That's a little to heavy to comprehend, for most.
I was weaned on this stuff. I called it 'the shady eighties'. They disposed of the Korean and Vietnam veterans quite handily, giving them the drugs and denying them their 'VA' benefits at the same time. Do you think that 'PTSD' is some NEW thing?

You think that the music you gravitate to is just a mental exersize.
My friend Steve Marlow has over 17 million views.

If the guy Alex was interviewing wasn't a shaved-headed pink-scarf- wearing man, I would give a little credibility to his statements.
WAKE UP, people.

I remember back when the 'Daily Paul' used to SHUN Alex Jones. NOW they are posting links.
Yup, they said that Bill Cooper debunked Alex Jones.

Do you remember the website ,"EDUCATE YOURSELF"?

I am not anonymous.


Smashing Truth to Power!

That was an incredible interview. If only more artist would understand the intellectual revolution. Billy makes a great point on his first discussion with AJ http://youtu.be/w8kyfhABWug about why it is that the artist community is not in tune with the liberty movement going on in this country. Billy says that the artist gives the people what they want and the people do not want to know about liberty or about the usurpation of liberty that is pervasive in this country. They just want to be entertained and not be asked what they stand for. The people hate the question, "what do you stand for" because they don't know what to say. The people do not know what to stand for because they don't know what liberty is about because they have been conditioned to live the American dream. Of course you have to be asleep to believe it; Like a person leaving the cave for the first time, it is understandable that they want to go back because the light is too bright at first. Slowly it seems the tide is turning. I fear a backlash from the powers that be in order to revive the fear and nationalism from late 2001. Will all this progress be enough to save liberty? I hope so.

Garan's picture

Alex should listen back to this.

Maybe he will see that he has created a mental trap for himself.

Alex keeps settling on his own insights and connections to the point of missing opportunities for new perspectives.

He keeps trying to put the period at the end of the sentence with his own past thoughts/realizations; basically redirecting the energy of a conclusion into habitual mental attractors. Habituated thought.

Very True

Which is why he should hire someone to carry out such interviews rather than taking that on himself. He would benefit from simply listening to what these people have to offer. Many things Billy was saying were going right over Alex's head, and that's ok. He doesn't need to be the front man for every topic or conversation discussed. This would greatly strengthen the Info War by having as many perspectives as possible. Just hire someone and have a unique segment on the network.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

He doesn't need to be the

He doesn't need to be the front man for every topic or conversation discussed.

No he doesn't. But he has to be mindful of how he is used to poison the well of various legitimate, anti-establishment movements.

He needs to be a less polarizing figure and make a genuine effort to build coalitions.


Garan's picture

It's hard to view yourself as poison.

Especially when exposure and air/mind-time are the legs of your business and purpose.

There must be a way, yet I don't see how he could think of himself in a way that is consistent with what you are saying.

Maybe he could view his message as too strong, or too powerful and disturbing to be beneficial to certain movements.

Otherwise, I'm not sure how that idea could translate into his world.

Overall, unless he sees a wake of tragedy that he takes credit for, I'm guessing his sense of urgency and importance might out-weight the concern you bring up.

If Alex Jones isn't able to

If Alex Jones isn't able to change and have greater appeal, his audience will always be limited and stands to do more harm to movements that are associated with him. Even if it's a guilty by association fallacy, it may be enough to turn people away.

It's just like OWS who made the correct observations that there was something inherently wrong with Wall St, but was willfully ignorant of monetary policy to realize the Federal Reserve enables their beloved Wall St. Alex Jones is willfully ignorant of the fact that other people may not be motivated by the same information or do not perceive of the urgency of the information he's been able to gather.

His style may rub the wrong way people who are attracted to Ron Paul and the liberty movement for other reasons than the ones he's motivated by. Billy Corgan was very gracious in explaining to Jones those people are important to the movement, too. Basically, Billy Corgan was telling Alex Jones that he needs to stop scaring people away, without coming right out and saying it.

Instead of studying facts, maybe Jones should study some skills like Socratic irony. It may help him spread the message and gain wider appeal.

Great post.

I now not only love Billy Corgan's music I love his outlook on life.

Very postive, fresh interview. Will post this one to facebook for my friends to ponder/abuse me with.

Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875 - "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People v. The Banks."