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What Is Peta?

I keep seeing all kinds of threads and comments on DP about how horrible PETA is. This is the SAME site that seems to have NO problem with the torture and butcher of horses, cats, dogs, parrots, and any other animal that lives on this planet (short of the oh precious human, right down to the egg/embryo) I can't help but wonder just how much you judgmental experts on animal affairs really know about PETA. I used to be a member of PETA and I can tell you personally that all the bullshit you spout here about the organization NEVER applied to me personally. Where are all of you coming from? The SAME msm that spouts how horrible Ron Paul is? Please comment, I DARE YOU!

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Not sure if it was the best course of action

Your post seems to be looking for a fight. I don't have much knowledge about PETA as an organization, but I think they have helped to spread the knowledge about animal cruelty. If you haven't watched the movie, "Earthlings," I would invite you to. It changed my life. After watching it, I don't know how anyone couldn't change the way they view our relationship with those whom we share the earth with.

Posting about animal rights on the Daily Paul, will almost always get you a down vote, but the number of us vegetarian/vegan animal lovers are growing here. With that said,let's try and keep it civil. I'm not here to attack anyone, but I think some need to open their eyes and see the tremendous injustices and the amount of suffering we are causing animals. Doesn't matter what side you're on, we need to be able to peacefully and respectfully discuss the matter.

Humans have a voice, and a better chance to defend themselves. Animals don't. That's why some of us advocate a more moral stance when it comes to their consumption.

Also, posting, and embedding images of cooking meat with comments like, "wow, this meat is so good!! My mouth is salivating," don't serve any purpose but to ruffle other members' feathers. So keep it classy guys.

As for me,I refuse to eat meat that is grown in a factory farm, where atrocious acts, we wouldn't wish on our worst enemies are committed.

So lets say (for arguments sake),

that you are happy to eat meat from a natural farm, where coyotes savage a ewe as she is giving birth, where a heavily wooled sheep can't stand up and her eyes are pecked out by gulls, hawks and other predatory birds as she lies on the ground, when a calf or lamb gets hung up in the birth canal, and both mother and baby die a slow, painful death, ...where a sh!TY tailed lamb is eaten alive by maggots.
We are so Disneytized into thinking that everything about "nature" is so cute, cuddly and adorable, that we forget that it is an everything eats everything world out there, and much of nature is cruel beyond measure!
Maybe we should start NETA...Natures Ethical Treatment of Animals!

Probably a UN Agenda 21 backed project

that "allows" animals to be more important than humans.
Imagine if this type of loud, vocal protest was against the phosphorous bombing of Palestinian children instead of caged chickens. Vegan diet PETA?...I don't think so!

When I can sue your german shepard ...

... for trespass and get him to pay up, then we can talk.

Until then ... animals are NOT equal to humans.

Its a kind of bread which has

Its a kind of bread which has a pocket that you stuff things in - its like "marsupial bread".

I see ..

ok there are more views of peta out there.. one who becomes involved in the rescue of animals who are held for vivisection and experiments..

I was reminded of that here and so I remembered a terrible poem I read years ago and was marked by forever. I believe it might have been "The End of a Life So Young." if that's not the one it's probably close enough. Read if you dare.

People standing up and doing what's right includes rescue of innocent lives from untenable situations.. I don't know if peta still does that but if they do, good on them. Just don't be killing the ones you rescue! I've heard about them doing that before, that they don't believe any creature should be kept as a pet or farm animal.

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If all animals are equal...

and it is wrong for humans to kill animals, then why is it alright for lions to kill gazzelles?

I thought we are all equal?

Or does PETA propose that all animals become vegans?

But, what then about the plants, does PETA believe plants as living organisms can be killed and consumed?

What is their rationale for plants not having the same rights as animals?

Perhaps, trying to find reason in their beliefs is an act of futility.

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"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

Does anyone care to elaborate on why they downvoted my comment?

If you believe animals and humans are equal, can you explain why it is that some animals are allowed to kill and some aren't?

Or if you believe that no animals should be allowed to kill, how you are going to get them all to become vegans?

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

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I don't have a strong opinion.

However, it is obvious that you want an argument.

I am getting a lot more negative responses and down votes posting about one fundamental issue in the structure of our republic.

Good luck trying to get more down votes.

People for the Eating of Tasty Animals

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard


saliv---at--ing. :)

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

Peta are typical of everything in the world

they start off great then as they get more support they go off course and become nazis.

I'll never be a vegetarian but I love animals. Unfortunately peta was hijacked by radicals (just like everything else) and instead of it being against fur it became against chicken dinners.

I'm against fur but if someone wants to wear it then let them. If someone wants to eat chicken, a steak or whatever I'll be ahead of them in the queue

Animals Aren't People

Nobody thinks PETA is horrible, just a misguided waste of time. I can't speak for everyone, but I think the people on Daily-Paul are more concerned with human issues.

Advocacy Group Decries PETA's Inhumane Treatment Of Women


Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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Where the heck are the animal supporters here?

How come I am defending respect for the other creatures on this planet without any support from anyone here? Has nobody here ever watched FOODINC? FARMEGEDDON? Any other documentary? On ANYTHING? There is something wrong here.



...people realize PETA is a leftist-collectivist organization made up, in large part, by weirdo-zealots who would impose their views on other?

A Rat Is a Pig Is a Dog Is a Boy, right?


Gonna go cook an elk steak now, from an elk Ol' El-Tee shot.

PETA= People Eating Tasty Animals


A few things

First, are the people saying that PETA is "horrible" the same people who have "no" problem with butchering horses? Because if not, you're generalizing and that doesn't hold any water in my view.

Second, there is a difference between slaughtering an animal for consumption an being open about it, and pretending to "love and care" about animals, only to kill them by the thousands while duping others by tugging on their heartstrings.

Third, your alleged membership with PETA doesn't add any weight to your opinion for several reasons. For one, I could just as easily turn around and claim that you're biased in PETA's favor, and two I could just as easily claim that you're simply making it up.

Finally, this thread, along with you making a post about how you want to delete your account, seems like little more than a poorly thought out rant based in emotion.

EDIT: Also, could you please refute the claim that PETA regularly kills the animals they "save"? There is plenty of evidence of PETA's wrongdoings and general "wackiness", but little in the way of anything that shines a positive light on their methods.

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Yeah I Wanted To Delete My Account SO WHAT?

I get really tired of people attacking animal lovers and there seems to be no shortage of them on DP. When I was with PETA it was all about exposing the cruel and downright vicious treatment they received under the guise of "it's to better the lives on mankind" Did you know medical labs were and probably still are sewing the eyes of kittens shut at birth to see whether or not it would increase their hearing? How about all the dogs they cut the back of the skulls off of to wire to computers to see how the brain works? How about the monkeys they cut the tails off to send into space and other such pointless tests? How about the lambs and calves they keep in tiny crates that don't allow the animals to move and then they starve so the meat will be more tender? How about the rabbits they throw chemicals on to test whether new skin remedies work? You either know nothing about PETA or you are as cruel as the people that do these things. Naturally they are going to make out that PETA is full of wackos. That's what happens to anyone that threatens the corporations. DUH. All your upvotes shows me just how the people on DP think about animals. PERIOD


Did you read Petas response

To the article you read on hear . Peta offers free euthanasia for sick and suffering animals for people who cannot humanely put down there animals down because they cannot afford a vet. These activist would never willfully harm an animal "because they DONT believe in ownership" thats BS propaganda put out by satan himself Mark Levine.


Although Im not a member,I meet alot of Peta at my occupy meetings and those gals were a awsome and hot . They were true activist that went and got things s done unlike alot people around here who just sit around and complain and guys if your looking for a true Angel to be in your life go to PETA meeting because the ratio is about 7 to 1.