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did anyone see cnn's take on the Steubenville rape verdict

"guilty verdict ruined 'promising' lives"

it is actually pretty sickening to watch the msm make these 2 rapists look like the victims


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My bet on how this played out:

CNN begged the victim and her parents to identify themselves and give interviews. The victim refused and is still identified as "Jane Doe" in all public documents. CNN, pissed off at being rejected by the victim and needing an emotional story, decided to "make an example" of this victim by portraying the rapists in the most positive light they possibly could.

CNN hoped future victims would see the halo bestowed upon these rapists and be forced to give interviews for the truth to be known.

Obviously CNN's abusive tactics have backfired pretty badly, with other news networks and netizens condemning their ridiculous reporting of the situation.

WTF is wrong with these people?

Once again the Onion is prophetic.

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The Onion did it first

in 2011.

From Krister Johnson:
I was a staff writer on the Onion's show "SportsDome" which aired on Comedy Central in 2011. This is one of the stories we did--full credit to David Iscoe (twitter.com/realhumanbeing) for the idea and script. It could have been produced by the CNN team covering the Steubenville rape verdict.


The difference is The Onion was making a joke, where as CNN is a Joke.

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That is about as perfect of an illustration as one could get...

...of that sickening and shameful CNN coverage.

I just mentioned recently on another thread about how more and more the news looks like Onion stories.

Very strange times we are in that things are turned so upside down.

the absurdity will continue

the absurdity will continue until morale improves