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Dr. Ben Carson Opposes both Iraq and Afghanistan Wars - CNN

When asked about what he thinks his Conservative friends think about his positions on opposing both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars he responds, "It really doesn't matter what they think":


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WRONG ANSWERS always start with statements about gun control

This man has zero respect for one's right to bare arms.

Please stop post him crap.


Bzzzzzz. Wrong answer.

No mention of the 1.5 million dead Iraqis.
No mention of why Saddam needed to go and why that was the business of the USGovt. in the first place.
No mention of why it was valid that the USGovt. attacked Afghanistan in the first place even if the 911 commission conspiracy was valid.

Obama said that once, too.


What would the Founders do?

Jefferson's picture

I get

the feeling that this guy is being propped up to be the new and improved Ron Paul Trojan horse.
It always makes me a little suspicious when the MSM parades out some new "messiah" for the GOP or the country for that matter. I saw some interview Shammity did with him, and he was reverently calling him
"Dr. Carson" while smooching his buttocks feverishly. I'll try to keep an open mind, but trust is not easily won after 5+ years of watching their antics.

You know, when I first heard

You know, when I first heard him, I thought him an honest man that gave me similar vibes to RP. With RP, I may not agree with him on everything, but he was consistent and honest and that's what mattered most.

So even though I knew that it would be a given that Carson would most likely differ on some key issues (like gun rights), as long as he was an honest man, a solution could be worked out.

But now I'm getting some doubts. His similarity to RP is VERY coincedental and the timing of his appearance (right at the beginning of the new cycle) is very suspect as well. Not too mention that he has been appearing a LITTLE too much on the news to my liking.

I recently created a thread discussing how scripted politics was right here:


And after making that thread, I suddenly realized that Carson fits this narrative perfectly. He fits it so perfectly, that it's almost eerie.

I won't judge Carson, since I don't have enough information. But I'll keep the possibility in mind that all of this is scripted.

Yea thats pretty easy to say

I was opposed to the war 10 years after it happened . The real question is was he opposed to it before it started?


... he wrote a letter to Bush saying that we were not justified to go in BEFORE the invasion.

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