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Let's Implement the Future Shall We?

The old Paradigm is over the mechanisms of monopolized force theft and coercion have been broken! The former PTB just don't know it yet and are desperately trying to keep the illusion alive. However it is evaporating like the dew in the morning sun!

Outlaw guns we'll just print them out. Try and steal our money and call it a tax to bad can't track our transactions nor break the encryption on our wallets. Don't need 3rd party financial institutions for transactions anymore so thieves posing as protectors can't steal our money. No more centralized manufacturing or food production with 3D printing and aquaponics, hugelkultur/permaculture, ethanol & bi-diesel, solar and wind, and new emerging energy technology etc. etc. These are the technologies of freedom!

Want to sell raw milk without the gestapo raiding you with swat teams? Start transacting privately with bitcoin or gold or silver. Want to sell your fruit and veggies without the tax/theft man hounding you? Sell in bitcoin. How about a bitcoin/gold/silver only farmers market? How they gonna tax that? They can only tax you if you use FRN's.

We will soon simply have no need of the control freaks strong-arming and robbing us in the name of protecting us and keeping order. It's over for them! There will be no political solution there never has been its all been a ruse to continually exploit us and steal our wealth and make slaves of us. Rand Paul is not going to save us and neither is any other politician for that matter!

Somehow no matter what they do even if they have good intentions it always leads us into deeper water without a paddle. Most of the asshats that are elected/chosen just got tired of being victims so instead of rising up and fighting for liberty they sold there souls and joined the enemy to share in the spoils of theft fraud and coercion through the monopoly of force.

It's time to embrace the future! It is here now! Start right now get a 3d printer go in on one with someone if you have to! Plant a hugelkultur garden you don't have to water or weed. Build an ethanol still. Get a bitcoin wallet... Come on folks lets get things moving now instead of doing the same old things over and over and expecting different results.

Lets get to work and implement the future shall we?

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Here's how to implement the future

Take another breath.

Just taking a breath does not

Just taking a breath does not implement the future that allows others to implement the future and makes you a subject to it. Take control and you implement your future instead of just consuming air.

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Y o u n e v e r c h a n g

Y o u n e v e r c h a n g e t h i n g s b y f i g h t i n g t h e e x i s t i n g
r e a l i t y .
T o c h a n g e s o m e t h i n g , b u i l d a n e w m o d e l t h a t m a k e s t h e e x i s t i n g m o d e l o b s o l e t e .
R i c h a r d B u c k m i n s t e r F u l l e r

Accept, and Create

Personally I have come to accept the way things are, corrupt and all. This includes allowing those who feel the need to modify the existing society to embark on it. I personally see that as futile, but so be it... For those that need to continue to operate in that domain, 'they' will eventually realize that they are just banging their heads against the wall.
I am personally inspired to see 'us' creating a new social order of things. In light of the principles of Bitcoin, I had a thought about how we might similarly employ some sort of open source, decentralized, rule based system. This 'system' could employ some form of judiciary, legislation, and it's own executive branch.
In other words, start to ignore the existing system. Don't resist it, but as much as possible ignore it. Allow the new system to come into being. Then, when shtf, we will have something new in place.
If we don't have something in place, 'they' will be all to happy to present their 'new' system...
Anyway, my thoughts...


I am excited! ... Woooot! Make the Federal Government and its goons', OBSOLETE! :D

Keep your eye on the prize! - Ending legal tender laws in order for the Federal Reserve System to self-destruct is of the upmost importance.
What in the World are They Spraying

To the future!

And beyond!

allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

Let's also protect the

Let's also protect the present, and not hope for things that don't exist yet.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

This is the present these

This is the present these things exist now they are the mechanisms of freedom. Use them or lose them! I think what you meant to say is protect the past. We don't want to protect the past paradigm the sooner it dissipates the better and the more we implement the technologies of freedom the sooner it will happen!

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All good except for bitcoin, which depends on digital tech,

internets, etc. If it's digital / online, it can be tracked (tracked = taxed... they'll find a way, believe me!) or easily shut down. I suppose "for the moment" these things can work.

We cannot count on internet. Period. It will ultimately go down / be restricted regionally / be so utterly infected with surveillance that it will be useless. Off switch and all that.

We must remember: they will not leave us alone until the whole system crashes and they do not have the resources (LOL! OUR resources) to enforce / run interference /etc.

Quietly local is key and may be the only way we can survive when things get tough (Which I believe is your point.). Long distance comms and transactions will be tough at some point (when SHTF--remember, they're gonna try to bring us to our knees at some point). Not sure what the best alternatives are, however; all radio comms can at least be monitored (interfered with?). Cell phones, forget it. Traditional mail = government institution, so it, too, can be controlled / monitored / censored / prevented.

Hmmmm.... This is tricky. We still have things we need to figure out for longer distance interactions.

It depends on when a revolution can occur and what that revolution will look like / embody. Will we rise up in enough numbers (and enough organization, without which NOTHING can be accomplished on this point) to literally jail / physically remove our corrupt government officials and the leaders and henchmen of their enforcement agencies?

Because yes, it may be over for them, but they will not go quietly; on the contrary, these terrorists will go out clawing all the way. And they will do as much damage as they can on the way out. Microeconomies can perhaps be stable, but the greater economy cannot be so until we have social / political stability. (I know I'm stating the obvious!)

What would the Founders do?

I get a sense of arrogance in your post

You flat out state certain things that you actually know nothing about. Things like "If it's digital / online, it can be tracked...easily shut down."

This is patently false. Do you really think everyone should consider their actions based on your experience that TO DATE, this has been true? I'm not trying to be critical because your opinion is probably justified from the little info that reaches the public. I'd just like to spread a little optimism here.

As with the TOR link below mine, there are ways around every obstacle you present and every other one you can come up with. People who have been awake for much longer than you have, have been designing around these problems and organizing groups to combat this. The days of "can't" are long gone. If you can think it, it is being done. If you can find a problem with it, it's been solved. Here's some examples relevant to your items.

In conjunction with the TOR, there is a movement (with at least 4 competing technologies) to use mobile cell phones to create a parallel or alternate internet. This will not be based on any centralized technology or control. You can kill the cell towers, the satellites, the internet routers and ISPs and even the DNS (internet naming) servers and it will find a way to get your data to/from any other connected site on the planet. The software is already being used by half a million people and is speeding up access for those in large cities. Once it gains global awareness, the only thing ISPs will have to offer is dedicated speed. So even if the internet was shut down right.. (oh, I just lost connection, LOL) j/k, those people will still all be connected to each other today.

Numerous other techniques are being worked on for long distance links and I'm not so up to date on them so far this year but they are making progress.

Money, as you can see, can be totally digital and stay totally anonymous. So far, it hasn't proven to be totally reliable, yet. That will change. Bitcoin is very close and statistically, it's 100% reliable for 99.999% of users. It's other problem is that it can't scale up large enough to cover all the planet's currency needs. This is why we will definitely see new (and better) alternatives that have more bugs worked out. It's inevitable since every alternative currency can be gamed (so far). I think that's the standard to apply first, with control over unlimited printing/creation being tied for first also.

Even voting can be easily done via the internet. You may say it can't but let me ask you this: If everyone converted their personal info plus vote info to numbers, character by character, multiplied all those numbers together (separately for the info and the vote/county/office/precinct), and sent the result to a public site for display, could you decode that back to identify that person? The answer is no. But if you multiplied the county/office/precinct info and divided that into the second part, it would give you back the vote choice, right? If this process was kept public, you could check that your personal info existed and everyone could check the vote totals per precinct. Isn't that the ideal electronic voting situation? Couldn't this be done without any person/company/government being in charge of the process? Any number of sites could publish the resulting codes for public comparisons so any change or error would be instantly published to everyone. In all honesty, we could do this right now in parallel with the current process to simply act as a check on the system.

So far, I've just listed the solutions relevant to the digital items you referred to. Personally, I've been involved in the more physical ones. As such, I can tell you that there are distributed, local solutions to food, shelter, energy, water, money, communications, education, information and transportation. They're all just waiting for that right moment to come out.

So have a little faith in others, ok?

Arrogance?! Geez, sorry.

People aren't arrogant just because they may express skepticism of ideas you think are nearly "bullet-proof"... and do so based upon their own respective intuitions.

Back to the issue:

You make good points, and I say "Go for it!" I hope you're right.

I'm just sayin' that the crooks have the resources to infiltrate and/or sabotage any technologically-based platform--and certainly as long as they can steal our fake $$$ / print their own fake $$$ to pay the people happy to accept the fake $$$ to do the work. We'll see what happens.

Thanks for your comment... all sorts of good stuff to look up!

What would the Founders do?

Those are all valid questions

Those are all valid questions and you bring up some good points however I think you are missing the point a little. We are already on a digital currency except it is centrally controlled using their computers and their systems etc. That is how they track it. Bitcoin is peer to peer the only way they can track it is by us voluntarily giving them information. Don't volunteer for theft anymore.

Anytime bitcoin is brought up I hear What if the power goes out. I say well what if the dollar crashes? Also if the power goes out FRN's will be worthless too it will crash the economy. However with bitcoin a transaction could literally be made with a small solar panel and a battery if need be. But that is why you should put away gold and silver too. In the meantime we are in the digital age and Bitcoin is the first free market in currency of the digital age. They don't create it and they can't control it! We control it!

Your point on quietly implementing this is well taken though!

The revolution is now my friend. We are all sitting around waiting for some shoe to drop before we act when we need to simply implement these freedom technologies now that is the revolution. If we have them in place when their phony fiat currency inflated economy crashes we will just smile as we watch the last drops of dew from the old paradigm disappear into the morning sun.

Can you see it friends? The morning sun is coming up over the horizon! It really is up to us stop waiting for them to do something! Now get to that spring cleaning we have a freedom based society to build!

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I'm sure I did miss the point to some degree!

Thanks for the post.

What would the Founders do?

maybe this could help

Ron Swanson

Thank you!


What would the Founders do?

Best post on

This is excellent advice. Less typing more doing. I am currently maintaining a hugelkultur garden and will report my results after the harsh OK summer. If I can achieve good results, which I expect, I will be anxious to share them here as we'll as implement the technique in my area.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Yes! Let's do it

It reminds me what Ernie Hancock says about the Federal Reserve: Forget about auditing it, forget about ending it. Just Ignore the Fed!

Don't give it any of your time, energy or attention - that just feeds the beast. The same can be said about all the other things you mentioned.

The GOP is just one half of a corrupt whole. Strengthen and take over the GOP and all you manage to do is to empower the corrupt whole that is the two party system.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Obama is the best example of that. We got "change" but everything stayed the same.

Beyond change there is something more powerful: Transformation. And that is what we all need.

Thank you for the great post.

I don't see it like that

One thing the beast is not is lazy.

TPTB are what is corrupt and control both parties. We are definately throwing changing the GOP, and that's not to say it's cleaned up, but things are changing, and maybe not as fast for your taste, but as fast as those if us who are invilved can do.

Definately it was a transformation that took place for me when I came into the GOP, and saw what it really is. My only regret still is not having joined the GOP in 07/08 where I would be better situated despite the "hall years".. those are now over.

That's fine do what you think

That's fine do what you think is best however you can still begin implementing the technologies of freedom spoken of in the OP. Any real change in the GOP that will have a chance of a real effect on our lives and freedoms is at least 10 years away if not more at the speed the political cogs turn. In the meantime depending on the political system for change for the last 5 years has resulted in further encroachment on freedom and liberty and increasing tyranny. Not sure I want to wait another 5 or 10 to see what further encroachments occur.

We now simply have the mechanisms of ignoring them and watching it crumble from attrition by implementing the future now!

End The Fat
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What future

UN Agenda 21?

How sad that you can see

How sad that you can see nothing but what those you look to for salvation in the GOP dictate to you...

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

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Those I look for salvation? Trust me, I'm not in the GOP seeking any salvation. Salvation? How do you figure salvation?

The GOP is not dictating anything to me anymore than any organization one makes agreements when they chose to join. Ron Paul was in the GOP his whole life but 6 months when he won the LP nominee (and I was one of the Libertarians who was PISSED that the LP picked another republican and never someone from the LP who had earned the nomination.. always some republican LO sells out to..

anyways.. I don't get where you are coming from about the GOP. My committee is majority Ron Paul supporters, so it's like being on DP in real life once a month (or whatever for events). I wish all GOP committees were as awesome as mine.

So where you get this idea of dictate.. you mean from the National level.. this is going to change.. this is why I joined the golden circle and I want to get more Ron Paul Republicans un the golden circles or whatever their state calls them.. we are winning and it seems to me, you don't know what you are saying.. maybe you meant to reply to another post?

Well yous asked "What future

Well yous asked "What future UN Agenda 21?" What did you mean by that then explain it to me?

End The Fat
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My explaination

It is my understanding that TPTB want a global government, not that they d0on't have one, but they want one that is run by, for and of global corporations, where the human population is reduced to slavery (even worse than what it is.. communist China kind of slavery, and a communist China kind of government, one party (democratic) to represent the USoA at the UN.

When Ron Paul said, "If you want to keep your republic you better get in because it's going." It's going because TPTB want to replaced with the UN global corporate Agenda 21.

So our job is to restore the Republic to constitutional government and push away from the UN global corporate government PTB plan.

It's a republic for as ling as you can keep it. We're trying to keep it.

So I was correct you think

So I was correct you think your salvation from global governance is in joining the GOP and taking it over. You say we are winning really where? Show me any progress toward freedom that has been made? In my 30 years of being in this fight electing politicians to get more freedom has only resulted in the loss of more freedoms.

You see nothing in the future but Agenda 21 unless we all join the GOP and try and reach a political solution. You seem to forget the GOP is only represents half of the voters the other half want the global agenda so I fail to see how taking over the GOP will Change much of anything and as I said we are ten years away from a take over if at all.

So I will reiterate what I said it is sad that you see your salvation and hope for a better future in the GOP. In the meantime those of us who are already building the future will continue to promote and implement freedom and liberty technologies that render political parties irrelevant.

Gee I guess it is to complicated for some to understand if we stop feeding the PTB sources of power they become powerless.

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!

I'm not getting the "salvation" part.

I don't know what salvation has to do with it.

I have joined the GOP and right now in my county, we have taken it over.. and it appears we've done that in the district. We have taught the GOP, which is coming around, and this gives me, for one, an opportunity to network and reach more people.. so I think this is great.

I see Agenda 21 being federally promoted and through NGOs and corporations where I live, and many people still don't know what it is.. and I do believe that is the game plan by tptb.. but I also don't think the UN Agenda is working out as they hoped.. but we'll see.

"unless we all"... I don't mean to be mean, but I for one, I frankly don't give a damn what "all" do.. I don't need more folks on my GOP.. I wouldn't turn anyone down.. but right now, life is good on my committee, we rule whether we have more people or not. It only takes a few good people and I'm blessed.

The GOP where I live represents less than 1/3. Democrats are 40% Indy's are 38%, LP 2%, GP 1%, peace and freedom 1%, American Indy 1%.... but Indy's have NO representation.. they get to vote for who someone else put on the ballot for them.

I think other places might need more Republicans.. but it's really not a matter of more.. more stupid people in the name of being republicans isn't the solution.. a few really bright people willing to step up and make a difference is more to my liking.. and I love my front row seat.

I was a Libertarians 16 years, Indy 18.. I wasted my time.. all those magazione covers, mentions in books, newspaper articles.. all the certificates and awards.. don't mean crap.. I wasted my life, and now, for the first time in my 35 of political activism I have gone much further in these past two years than the 33 years, awards or not.

To me, those who don't get involved are doing exactly what tptb want.

You are building the future? With what? DP posts?

Tell us Granger since your

Tell us Granger since your committee is doing great life is great for you and you control everything now in your committee and don't care what others do. Tell us what exactly does sitting in committee meetings back slapping each other for your supposed liberty stance accomplish?

How have you done anything to stop Agenda 21? What do you even know about it? Do you know they are not calling it Agenda 21 anymore? A group in my area got together and have hit several city councils who unknowingly adopted it (because they are selling it as something that sounds good on the surface to cities and counties now) and explained whats going on to the councils and everyone of them so far have dropped it. They did not have to go to a GOP committees meeting to do it they just did it. The GOP doesn't even talk about it in their committee meetings they are to busy planing get togethers to beg for money and honor other do nothing feel good GOPers for all thier hard work in going to meetings and accomplishing nothing. Again what have you accomplished in all your feel good meetings Granger?

I am teaching a bunch of people Sunday how to make a fish tank for an aquaponics system so they can grow their own organic food in half the space of a regular garden using a tenth the water and having protein too so they can ignore Agenda 21... Again what are you doing and what have you accomplished that has moved us one step closer to freedom?

I am also planning a national teaching school for hugelkulture and aquaponics that will help build the farms of the future.

I was trying to be nice originally but I have to say you are still wasting your life on feel good accomplish nothing busy work! Again please tell us how you are winning and what is it you are winning and what it has accomplished for freedom?

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!

No one is slapping anyone on the back

And we do help each other.. there are moments when they do deserve a pat on the back, but we're not there thinking.. well, "How can I pat so and so on the back?" I think, being I was first on the committee, it is really great to be debating an issue, and to have more voices that agree with Liberty than Bush. It is a happiness that I have politically not ever experienced.. but then I was never in a major party before and I had no idea that central committees exist.

Let me explain something to you about myself, having taken survival training in 82-83, and being a political activist since 73, I've had a lot of experience, part of that is being a Granger.. A Granger is a member of The Patrons of Husbandry, a Fraternal Order for farmers. It operates much like the GOP.. except we do have secret handshakes, passwords and are a private club, with subordinate, pomona Granges and a National Grange with an 11 story building in Wash CD, we hire lobbiest, write resolution, have conventions and ALL political parties.. Since 93, I have been a hemp activist (I introduced my state Grange to a lobbiest for Nutiva, and helped make this a Grange issue.. Grange is awesome.

The GOP is not awesome. The GOP has, as Ron Paul said, "lost it's way". So my experience as a Granger, where I learned Robert's Rules of Order, how to write resolutions.. how to work conventions, how to work on committees.. When I came into the GOP, I saw a vehicle, like the Grange, but limited to one party (with many shades of red), and thanks to Ron Paul, a mission.. to clean up the GOP and restore America to constitutional- bill of rights government. We acheive this democratically within the GOP.

I've done a lot of petitions, but never one for myself to get elected. While the Grange is a private club, we take secret paths to each other, the GOP we take oaths IN the county, so it's directly tied to the government. What this means is all the activism work I did as a Granger and Indy, LP.. I did representing myself. That's no longer the case. People signed my petition, I was seated and signed the oaths, so now I represent 1K people where I live.

The things I did as a Granger, protests, rally's petitions, writing resolutions and inniatives on issues, writing letter's to the editor, marketing the issues and events.. The first hemp rally I organozed was in 1996, Receda Country Club.. 8K people, I now do as a Republican representative, and what this has done, is given me the keys to the car.. as a Granger I had to shop it out to a committee.. now I'm on the committee.. and so my letters get published.. it's power. I don't have to beg.. now I debate and negotiate with my committee.. who are now majority Liberty..

I took my elected seat in January. CA GOP has two conventions and I attended my first CAGOP convention (Thanks to DP I went to the dinners and met Karl Rove, and got to tell him that "The people are catching on and we are going to restore constitutional government.. He told me he gave nearly $3 million to Rand.. but what he didn't expect, was to see someone like me.. he expected most of us to be on the floor.. GOP has levels, like the Grange..

I was elect4ed treasurer.. so I have had to learn how the Keneysian system works in the GOP, with the IRS..

So I would say, at this point, I am learning and having other Ron Paul Republicans with me is great, like DP, where we debate issues that come to the committee.. resolutions and inniatives that come from variosu parts of the county and state.. we vote before the public.. If you want to change a law.. you write a resolution and take it to a committee to get political backing.. we can ask for a petition.. people can rally or protest.. but the committee is what represents the political party in the area.

When there's a question or public / MSM wants a local answer to something political, they contact us.. we answer and debate the Democrats publically. We are encouraged in the GOP to get more involved, like get a committee seat on the board of supervisors.. I just had an interveiw.. get an elected office.. GOP has the legal means in place to help.. where as an Indy.. you have to get a team to put in place what the GOP has had in place since Lincoln.

And like DP, we don't all agree.. even on the committee.. but this is a good thing, because we learn, some lessons are hard knocks, and some folks can't take the heat.. but this is a good fight.

I'm not a fan of aquaponics, I don't find it sustainable.. I find it expensive, high maintenance, probably great for occupying Mars, but I'm sticking to raised beds, and chickens.. while I do have a 250 gal tank, with fish.. and I have learned how to repair pumps.. but to me.. it's expensive and not worth it and the food is not as good as home grown tomatoes in the sun. I do like square foot gardening.. but I'm food forest gardening as it is.

Still, enjoy your project, as I enjoy mine, changing the GOP with fellow republicns who accepted Ron paul's invitation to join the GOP and work to vote NO to taxes, new laws, resolutions and inniatives that put the county and state more into the UN Agenda, where major global corporations, like utilitie companies who LOVE things like piscioponics because they try to replace the work of the sun with electricty.

Wow I see you are uneducated

Wow I see you are uneducated about aquaponics. This thread is getting to long and small to respond to that here so I created another thread on your statements about aquaponics here:

As for your other statements I still do not see how all the GOP meetings etc. and stuff you are doing has moved Liberty forward one iota... Busy work if you ask me...

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!

And who are you, what have you done?

I'm sure it appears to busy work to you, you who have done nothing to move liberty one iota, but work hard to advance bs is the name of aquapnics. How much food dod you eat that was aquaponically grown?

My guess.. maybe enough salad for a week and you shared.. wow.