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Liberty candidate Juan Martinez for North Las Vegas City Council

The push for freedom in Nevada is at a critical turning point.

Liberty candidate Juan Martinez, member of the Clark County GOP Executive Board, is running for North Las Vegas City Council against a neoconservative and a liberal Democrat.

Juan needs YOUR HELP to bring the message of liberty to voters in these critical final days of the campaign. Early voting is going on now, and Juan needs money NOW for direct mail and outbound GOTV to likely voters.

In a municipal race with historically low turnout, decided by a few hundred votes, your donation could help make the difference between success and failure.

After the immense defeat of the RNC in Nevada, this is our big chance in Nevada to show that LIBERTY CANDIDATES CAN WIN!

Will you stand with Juan and your fellow liberty advocates in Nevada by DONATING TODAY to support liberty? Please donate on Juan's crowdfunding page:

Visit for more info on Juan's ABC Plan to bring Liberty to a City scale.

Thank you very much for your support.

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