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Oak Roots Club Run By Robert's Rules of Order - Exciting Developments - Future Could Be Bright For Liberty

Fourth Meeting of the Oak Roots Club is scheduled for Friday 4/5 @ 8PM CST. It will be held in the "Oak Roots Club" chat on the Daily Paul (the chat room will be visible during the meeting time). If you're interested in getting organized you should attend to see how we're getting things done.

Our third meeting went very well and we passed a few rules to ensure future meetings would go even smoother. A few people have inquire about WHAT Oak Roots is. Without attending a meeting the best I can tell you is this:

Oak Roots Club is a organized group of liberty activists who want to organize via Robert's Rules of order to determine the best courses of action for the liberty movement. Getting organized has been the hardest part all along in this fight... it's time we take it to the next level.

Oak Roots Club is run via Robert's Rules of Order so many of you who worked in the delegate process should be quite familiar :)

We have also started a "basecamp" at http://www.basecamp.com/ - This is some very cool online collaboration software that was awesome 4 years ago, it's 4 years more awesome now. If anyone would like access send me a PM and I'll get you started. Between Robert's Rules and Basecamp I can't see how any liberty organization could be hindered in their goals.

So are you ready to get things done? Great then bump for action! See you at the meeting.


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Bump for RSVP

We're currently at 7 members. We need 4 of them to commit to attend the meeting tonight so we can get some important things discussed and motions passed. There are a lot of new members interested in being voted in as voting members. Please RSVP on this comment if you're a full voting member and intend to attend.

I'm certainly going to try

I'm certainly going to try and show up. 8PM CST tonight, for those who don't know.

Opened up a basecamp :)


You'll have to sign up to log in but this is VERY awesome.

Strategy of

Amending the rules to allow for cameras to record all the meetings in county GOP meetings and on up. If laws or rules are broken then the evidence can be used against the usurpers much for effectively, especially if it is the chair breaking those rules.

Well pk

if we follow Robert's rules - I think the group succeeds. If we become the old guard GOP types - then it will fail (or succeed?) think about it:

It's likely the OLD GUARD GOP really enjoyed having all that power all to themselves every two/four years? Then all these people who wanted power too showed up and actually knew the rules - and called them on their own rules.

Robert's rules. So we're arguing in the chat one day... and we decide to start another chat an run it by Robert's Rules. Stunning success! We don't know where we're going with this but we're sure we're going there real fast... participation is strong - ideas are voted on - rules passed - we all agree to be peaceful but EFFECTIVE.

Bill3 Kicked Out of Club Again...

Will need two members to get him back in.

Rule Clarification

Discriminate/Look down on non-members. Voted 4/5

Supposed to read:

"ORC members are to discriminate against non-members regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, religion, spirituality and so on and so fourth. We are just better than you."

Rule Passes

Proposed Rule:
If you get ejected by chair from a meeting... and you have business on the table - it is squashed immediately.

Passes 2/3

3rd ORC Meeting (4/1/13)


1. TribeCalledOne


1. Newt Lobbyrich


1. BILL3


1. "Anyone present during an ORC meeting in the designated forum may declare himself/herself a member of ORC and be legitimately recognized as a probationary member. As a probationary member, he/she may then propose motions during an ORC meeting in the designated forum, but may not vote upon motions proposed during an ORC meeting in the designated forum.

(Probationary members may gain the status of full members upon being voted in by full members present during Part 1 of the next session.)"

2. "Any recognized member present during an ORC meeting in the designated forum may sustain two (2) strikes given by the present chairman/chairwoman before mandatory eviction from the session."

3. "Any member of either status (Probationary or Full) present during an ORC meeting in the designated forum may evict another member of either status (Probationary or Full) out of a session. The evicted member must be voted back in by two members of either status (Probationary or Full) to be allowed back in the session."


1. Declaration and Recognition of New Members
2. Discussion and Settlement of Old Business
3. Proposition, Discussion, and Settlement of New Business
4. Dismissal of Session

Bill kicked out of club.

Making repeated baseless claims... clearly a violation of the presumption of innocence principle.


for 3/28 meeting (Friday) 8PM EST in the Oak Roots Chat. CLUB MEMBERS: Will need a quorum to hold the meeting officially.

ORC meeting 3/24/2013

Call to order @4:31 PT
1) Vote on new members
2) Vote on chair
3) Vote on Proposed Rules

1) Vote on new members
Elected members:
Vinceableworld, RP_nexus, fire fox, Bill3 ,John Calvin Coolidge Jr.

2) Vote on chair
Nominated RP_nexus and Vicneableworld
RP_nexus: nexus and firefox
Vinceableworld: JCC Jr., Bill3 and Vince

Duly Elected Chair: voted 3/5

Duly Elected Secretary: voted 3/5

3) Vote on Proposed Rules
a) must self-proclaim you're a member to be voted in as member. Acting Chairman mandate
b) when Secretary is absent newest member will become acting secretary. Acting Chair mandate
c)Discriminate/Look down on non-members. Voted 4/5

Recess @5:24 PT

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3/24 Meeting Bump (11:00AM EST)

Looking for a secretary to keep the minutes (until then I'll keep on doing it). Should be voting on quorum requirements and main rules today. If you wish to propose new core rules you MUST attend today!

Pushed the meeting forward two hours because some on the West Coast were complaining that 6AM is a little early :)


For the sake of taking action! Talk is cheap.

Thanks all for your participation.

We got a lot accomplished. Have a great day.

If you'd like to join the Oak Roots club be at the noon meeting...

Hit and Run?