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Peter Schiff: "Just Blow The Place Up!" (Iran)

I've always looked up to Peter Schiff and considered him a pro-liberty, non-interventionist economist who was a spokesman for liberty-lovers and someone to be listened to.

But then I saw this:

I'm a little confused by how "just blow the place up" can be considered non-interventionist and pro-liberty. Doesn't Iran have the right to deny others from their property? I thought he believed in property rights.

I'm wondering now who is Peter Schiff really is, and why do so many liberty-lovers follow such a warmonger?

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me four-hundred and fifty-seven thousand times, shame on me!

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I remember this...

This was back when he was running for senate. Somebody asked him about this later and he said, "I don't support going to war with Iran, but I can't win with that position." He was just pandering to the electorate. This was taken way out of context.

shallow attempt to try to destroy Peter Schiff.

re-bumped after a day of no previous activity? Please.

Also, just have to add, if you've really been so into Peter Schiff in the past,

How could you possibly be dissuaded by this small innocuous clip?

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

He's attacking the argument

He's attacking the argument that's it's necessary to occupy countries in order to prevent them from building weapons that could be used against the United States.

He's asking, if the reason for attacking these countries is to defend the US from attack, why not simply bomb their infrastructure instead of spending trillions of dollars invading and occupying them?

Of course, he knows these invasions aren't defensive. He avoids bringing that up so that might win that war monger's vote he was talking to.

Schiff was never against empire because it's immoral to kill and plunder, he's against it because it's so expensive that the US government must plunder its own people to pay for it. Do you have anything else from Schiff on war? It's unfair to call him a war monger based on this clip.

no matter how good they are,

no matter how good they are, their jewishness is going to get in the way


No matter how good who is?

No matter how good who is? Can you elaborate please?

i refuse to give you rope to

i refuse to give you rope to hang myself


I downvoted this, not because of "THE" comment

of blowing up Iran - he didn't. But for Peter advocating that Iran doesn't have a right to have nuclear weapons. I wish NO ONE on earth had nukes, but if a few "select" countries are "allowed" to have them, and others not, specially when "those" countries CONSTANTLY threaten Iran, then I DO have a problem with that.

Ok I couldn't listen at work

Ok I couldn't listen at work but..

He didn't say blow Iran up. He said blow up the facility where they were making nukes.

Yes, I disagree, but he hasn't 'gone off the reservation' of libertarian thought.

I'm an ancap, I don't believe in any of this crap. Until we have a free society, and to the extent we have to have a statist military I'd just like to use all the money on missile defense.

But the idea of just blowing up the nukes as opposed to invading.. does that really mean he's a chickenhawk? I don't think so. Also of course he's running for senate here, he's gonna be tempted to sound a little more hawkish.

I'm antiwar. But this doesn't 'offend' me. If we had followed this same advice in Iraq, just blew up Saddam in his palace, we'd be way better off today. Again I don't even think we should have done that, just saying there's evil.. and misguided. Peter's comment doesn't fall into the evil category.

Now maybe his name does for some ppl. But not his words.

Peter Schiff is not saying anything different than Rand.

Besides, if you listen to Peter Schiff when he ran for the Senate, you will find out he was saying the same thing then.

What I have been doing, at every website I can, is point out the hypocrisy the Israel gets a pass for DOING the very same things the US accuses Iran and North Korea of PLANNING to do.

It Seems Schiff has Finally

come out and exposed himself. I was pretty sure by his stance when he ran for Senator, he was a Zionist, but he just assured me of it.
I would have even given him the benefit of doubt, but when it comes to greed or rightousness, a follwer of the Talmud will always chose greed. This brings me to the message by Christ in Matthew 16:6, which all Christians should read. Oh, many of you probable don't know the definition of Judaism, or what the Talmud represents, search both to learn. I would tell you, but if you have to research and think for yourself, you will have a much better concept of what you have learned. I am in no way stating all Jew believe in all what the Talmud teaches, but you should learn what is written in it, to uderstand how it is being used against us. Beware of the Deceivers!

He didn't say blow up Iran, just the facility.

If they refused inspection.

Whether this is right or wrong I don't know.

However the title of the thread is a lie. Flag as spam.

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

Amazing How They Divide And Conquer

and we fall right into the trap. People here are just as gullible as on facebook or twitter. I have been seeing that of late. I thought DP was more enlightened but am losing faith. Michael, I am sorry if I am a disappointment but I feel like DP is like a classroom that had a great teacher (Ron Paul) and since that teacher left the room the kids got unruly and silly and we have all ended up fighting amongst ourselves.


Truth hurts

So I guess you're saying we should all criticise warmongering and denounce demented neoconservatism except when it comes from the liberty movement?

Sorry, I'm not an Obama voter or a Bush voter. I actually take responsibility for my actions and the people I support. I understand I am morally culpable for my actions and of those of people I support.

I no longer support Peter Schiff. He is another Jewish supremacist and a danger to the republic, just like the rest of the demented neocon crowd. He should be condemned for advocating the mass murder of Iraqi's and Iranian's, not applauded. He should be denounced as another pro-Israel warmonger and part of the crowd that has been destroying the republic.

9/11 might not matter to you, but it does to me. There's no chance in Hell a pro-israel warmonger like Schiff would ever open a new investigation into 911 and investigate the dancing israelis.

Feels good to flush this proverbial parasite from my conciousness. Good riddance Peter Schiff.

Why confuse your friend with your enemy?

Iran is our enemy. Israel is our friend. Why don't you understand this simple concept? Israel do have nukes but they won't use them, at least not against the US. If Iran have nukes, they are very likely to use them against US or our allies.

Now, of course, it is another issue why Iran became our enemy, but I am not arguing that. Why can't you see clearly the simple fact that Israel and Iran are different?

Now, I am not saying that the UN sanction is right, but it is in the interest of the US not to let Iran have nukes.

*let* Iran have nukes?

I'm sorry, but that's just arrogant. What Iran does is Iran's business, unless it directly interferes with US interests, NOT corporate/political/other interests. There is absolutely no evidence that the Iranians are building a nuke, or have the capacity to launch one far enough that it would hit the US.

But hey, I guess it's okay that Israel has hundreds of what used to be US nukes.

And no, Iran isn't our enemy, at least not mine. Most Iranians *used* to like the US, until recent years. Even now, many only hate our government, rather than us as a people.

It's not just Iran, either. It's every country we have ever had any sort of relations with. We never, EVER mind our own damn business. The MIC (of MFC, as some have taken to calling it) creates its own enemies with an arrogant foreign policy based on the equally arrogant concept of "exceptionalism", and with a little help from their friends in the MSM, always have a convenient excuse to start another war. When is enough going to be enough?

At this rate, the average American won't feel "safe" until the entire planet has been bombed into capitulation.

A signature used to be here!

The only reason Israel wont nuke the US, (yet)

is because it hasn't finished gutting the country yet. Israel's best Bankers, politicians, and lobbyists are still in Washington.
Zionism is not, has never been, and never will be a "friend" to anyone.

I Know You Have Been

made to believe they are our friends, but show us actual evidence of this illusion? I could show you thousands of documented evidence they are or should be considered our enemy! The Lavan Affair, The USS Liberty Attack, Many unreported espionage accounts equal to or greater than what Jonathan Pollard was tried and convicted, and how AIPAC bribes politicains (Rand a possiblity?) to support Israel or they will make sure they lose the next election by funding (with our Billions of Tax Dollars given each year) another favored candidate, just to name a few. If you really want to learn about the many factions behind the creation of Israel read this speech (there are recordings on the net) by former Jewish Zionist formenting insider, who sat on Wilson and FDR cabinet meetings, who later converted to Christianity and told the 'real' Truth, Benjamin Freedman.

I used to believe Israel was our friend.

I used to believe Israel was our friend, but then I learned about the 5 dancing Israeli's who were caught on 911 celebrating the event.

They had set up cameras and were filming the twin towers before they were hit by planes. After the towers collapsed, they were arrested and questioned by police and FBI. After failing lie-detector tests and identified as Mossad agents, they were flown back to Israel by Attorney General Michael Mukasey, a US-Israeli dual citizen where they bragged on national TV how they were sent to "document the event".

As a result of this, I no longer consider Israel my friend.

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do you know about this event?

the USS liberty

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how is iran our enemy?

and how is israel our friends?
how is it in our better interest for iran to not have nukes?

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Israel is our friend? ARE YOU FOR REAL? No, you are a troll and need to go back under your bridge!


Glad you posted

Glad you posted this.

He does what his rabbi tells him to do.

Luke 3:38
Isaiah 43:3-5

schiff and that guy are clueless about foreign policy

i like schiff but
schiff and that guy are clueless about foreign policy

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

I have never

liked Peter Schiff. He usually talks a good talk, but I find him unpleasant and abrasive to listen to. Plus, the fact that he comes from one of bad old banking families, etc.

His flippant statement here just reinforces my dislike of him. Moreover, I have not to date seen or heard adequately convincing evidence that Iran represents any real threat to the US at all. The hype is all and only for the sake of Israel -- a country that is NOT our friend and with whom we have no defense treaty.

But Israel has our politicians by short and curlies and uses its intelligence, I am sure, to manipulate and blackmail our government. If Obama, for example, had anything at all he really wanted to keep hidden from the public to protect his position, he would be very easy to blackmail to support Israel, wouldn't he.

No, Peter Schiff is not one of us, I fear. He is one of them.

I Am on Iran's Side Here

Israel has 300+ nukes why can't Iran have a few?

Because Israel will nuke people

"responsibly" (you know, like the US nuked Japan), and Iran will nuke people irresponsibly. Nukes that are dropped in the name of God are good, and nukes that are dropped in the name of any other God are bad.

Peter Schiff is just another elitest profiteer

He's all about Austerity and Neocon War Mongering...

No different than Donald Trump style Repiglicans.

It's unfortunate he doesn't

It's unfortunate he doesn't expand beyond economics into foreign affairs.. once you get the economics down the rest is simple. Having met him I know he's got an ego though and that makes it hard to learn from others. But even his dad seemed to have a better handle on foreign affairs than Peter from what little I have read.

But on practical economics you can't get better info that Peter Schiff. He's certainly no profiteer, a profiteer uses the government to create a situation to allow a profit. IE artificially manufactured arbitrage opportunities. He's certainly opposed to that.

He's definitely about austerity, which is just another way of saying the deeper the debt hole you dig the more painful it will be.

Austerity isn't a strategy, it's a result of debt. He wants to have the result while it's still survivable.

the uploader of the video is

the uploader of the video is anti Shiff and anti paul. Sure, believe him

I like Donald Trump

better than Peter Schiff. At least Trump is very focused on what is best for America and Americans. And he's got balls, you have to admit.