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For all the Dads out there

Just thinking of you daddy. I miss you.


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Thank you

Today is my mom's birthday. She died last year.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

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Thanks for the video

I'm not a Dad, but I am a daughter and I think my Dad is a pretty cool guy.

In this fight for reclaiming our Country...

Let it not be ever said that we have forgotten the most important thing of all in any Country and that is family. Try to call your family today and tell them that you love them.

My family disowned me for speaking the truth

I knew most of my fellow slaves would attack me when faced with the reality of our situation but I never thought in a million years I would be ousted by my parents and sisters for promoting truth and reason. I never expect to speak to them ever again and I'm okay with it.

I've got the support of my wife and daughter which is all that really matters to me anymore.

Hopefully families in the future will again be one of the most important parts of all our lives but many of us have had to choose the message of freedom and liberty over propagandized family members who remain willfully ignorant.

I've been told you can't pick your family...

But you can. If your blood family has disowned you, then by all means find someone out there who you can befriend as a family. We all need family and to deny this is to do so at our own peril.

There old men in your very town who would love nothing more than to befriend your family.

I know that family's can have tremendous disagreements but time usually will settle those types of problems.

At 50 I don't need a mom and dad or siblings anymore but

believe me...I've got a lot of friends that are as close or closer to me than my family ever was. When I lost my home in 2009 my wife and I were offered a roof over our head with 4 different households. We stayed in a garage apartment of one of my friends for 6 months free of charge. Our circle of friends are vital to us. We get unconditional support from them based on 20+ years of helping each other out and establishing genuine mutual respect.

My family ALWAYS required conditions for me to be accepted. I played along for many years but somewhere around age 45 I decided that if they didn't like me for who I was...so be it.

One of my sisters is a Lockheed Martian millionaire. She is over the top religious but her and her husband see no problem repeatedly bombing the $hit out of brown people. They have a HUGE home in Maryland and tried really hard to get my wife and I to move in with them when we lost our home but the offer came with a legal pad list of rules that we had to abide by if we decided to take them up on it.

For instance...I would be required to stop smoking and I would have to attend some church group that was for "non-believers".

They were stunned (and still are it seems) that we esentially chose to be homeless rather than move in to their mansion under their rules.

We now have a tiny little place of our own and we have never been happier, less stressed, and felt more free! And I can smoke in my home. :-)

I very rarely drink and I only occasionally use drugs recreationally...but both my sisters and my Mom all take psychotropic meds, sleeping pills, and eat for entertainment. But you see...those are okay because ole saw bones doles them out. lol.

Wow crazy shit there man.

Wow crazy shit there man. Glad you have a close circle of friends that is your real family!

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