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Prime Minister of Scotland announces referendum for secession from Great Britain!

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It could happen, rebellion is

It could happen, rebellion is in their blood. They fought England for hundreds of years, and were only beaten when rifles were first used by the English army. Guess what their national motto is? Nemo Me Impune Lacessit: No-one assails me with impunity

This has been in the works

... for a while now. At least a couple years. They've only just now confirmed the date the referendum will take place.

I know a few Scots and all of them doubt they will separate. It will take some real blunders/insults from the UK government, and plenty of propaganda to change enough minds by then.


I know many Scots and most of them are for independence with the exception of some pensioners. Mainly because of federal decisions of Scottish resources, Scots are robbed of them then get taxed for the robbery. They get no benefit.

Absolute rot. The Scottish

Absolute rot. The Scottish get far more from english taxpayers than they put in. Let them go, in fact, force them out!

Same complaint from the US between the states.

Albeit another angle, still an argument for Scottish independence. Federations work only in loose affiliations.

out of the frying pan (uk)

and into the fire (eu)