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Value Of Human Currency

We are experiencing a global melt down that will usher in a NEW GLOBAL ORDER.

There will be a New Global Currency to conduct business in the NEW Global Empire.

There is lot of discussion about competing currencies but we don't hear anything about the value of Human Currency.

When I googled Human Currency I found stuff about the value of the body but nothing about the value of the MIND. I think we are missing something and I would like to bring it forward for discussion.

Those in power understand the value of the human mind, Human Currency is a huge threat to those in power. A great deal of money and time is spent to dumb down the population. The population is dumber by design not by accident.

If Human Currency is a threat to those in control then we need to explore the worth and importance of the human mind.

The Human Currency I am speaking of, is the MENTAL LABOR that one expends to understand a problem and seek solutions.

The man or woman that sees a pattern of destruction and can adapt and seek out those things necessary to survive and thrive are of great value.

The skills we may need to develop, are the values that hold a society together, Trust, Love, Family to name just a few. You may ask how are these things important in the days and years ahead. If we look at history I think we will find the answer.

In my own experience, my dad was a small business owner with only a sixth grade education, but he had a lot of Human Currency. My dad was always thinking of a better way to do things, he was inventive, caring and energized. My dad saw the value of a good name and reputation, he saw the value of friends and family. He saw the value of learning new skills and adapting old ideas to new. When he tore something down he would replace it with something better. Time, effort, cost were balanced against need and desire.

What I am saying is don't underestimate your Human Currency, that the skills you learn now could be of great value in the future.

Peace, Love and Gratitude:

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I might add

that family may not necessarily be blood relatives because we can not predict the future, friends may become like family if it comes down to survival and hard times.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."