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Ron Paul Contributions et al

By now we know that the Ron Paul campaign announced contributions of $5.08 million in the 3rd quarter. Congratulations!

Both CNN and MSNBC are reporting the same numbers so lets go with them. Both channels said that average donations were at $40 dollars per contributer.

Lets break this down a bit, divide $5.08 Million by $40 dollars and you come up with an average of 127,000 contributers to the campaign.
This is a staggering number just in the appeal of Rep. Paul and his message.

But lets look at it from a different standpoint. If there are 127,000 supporters of his campaign and the campaigns current mark to hit is $12 Million by Dec 31st, 2007, this comes out to be $94.49 per contributer to reach this goal.

Less than $100.00 per person in the next three months to hit this mark. Or about $33 a month. I think many of us that haven't hit the maximum $2300.00 for campaign contributions can easily donate the $33.00 a month needed to hit the $12 Million mark.

But I would like to make a suggestion and an observation, the suggestion first. If each of those who contributed to the Ron Paul campaign were to give $50.00 month instead of $33.00, we would blow past the $12 Million the campaign would like to raise and collectively be able to donate the sum of $19.05 Million by the end of the quarter in December. Just a $4.25 a week difference makes a $7.05 million dollar difference at the end.

Now the observation, in Rep. Paul's first quarter of donations, he was able to obtain $624,000 dollars, 2nd quarter, $2.4 Million and now in the 3rd quarter $5.08 Million. As more Americans hear Rep. Paul's message, more will flock to the campaign.

As more Independents and democrats find out that Clinton, Obama and Edwards have zero intentions of bringing the troops home prior to 2013, which candidate will they be looking too who says he will do it? As more Republicans who are feed up with the big government elitist they voted for in previous elections start looking for that candidate who actually will reduce the size of the federal government, who will they turn too?

Ron Paul should be able to hit 200,000 supporters by the end of the 4th quarter, and if each were to give an average $150 in a three month timespan, the Ron Paul Campaign could possibly garner $30,000,000 by Dec 31st, 2007.

Imagine what the pundits would do if the Ron Paul campaign were to achieve $30 million in a three month timespan?

Is $50.00 a month to much to ask for to get our government back from the corporate elites? I don't know, each person is different and only you can make that decision.

I myself will be giving at least $200.00 in this next month, I know that November and December will be difficult times for people to contribute as Christmas draws nearer so I plan to contribute early.

Hopefully breaking the numbers down for you has made you less nervous about hitting the $12 Million mark let alone a possible $30 million mark.

Good Luck and welcome to the Revolution!

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Get out the credit cards, we

Get out the credit cards, we will pay it back with real money once he wins!!!

Maxed out, but...

Im maxed at $2300, but I am turning friends, family and co-workers on every day. I've brought on about 5 new contributors to the campaign in about 2 weeks! Spread the word and we'll hit $12M easily.

awesome, jbb1976!

I'm half way to maxed out at $1200. I'll probably contribute the remaining $1300 during Q4. My dad has never contributed to a presidential campaign ever. He threw in a few hundred after seeing Dr. Paul live. I'll start working on the rest of my family to give give give. And of course, I'll set the example with the full $2300 myself.

start financing your meetup group

The next best thing you can do is finance the efforts of your meetup group. They need to be able to purchase thousands of yard signs, t-shirts, bumper stickers, car magnets, billboards, slim jims, etc.

OK,Ron gets my grocery

OK,Ron gets my grocery money,it is that important.The only person that will restore our REPUBLIC. Ron Paul truely loves America.


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