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Number 1 Top Post on Reddit AMA With Michael Moore


My post/question went to #1 on Reddit AMA with Michael Moore.

[–]worsethanbush 730 points 3 hours ago
1.) When can we expect a movie about how Obama's policies are just a continuance of Bushs
2.) Our gov. is killing a LOT more people than the 'right wing gun nuts'. Why don't we focus on stopping the violence that our gov. causes. Wouldn't this set a better example for us at home.
It feels more than ridiculous that Obama wants to lecture us about violence while simultaneously drone bombing innocent people around the world.

haha.. I wasn't really expecting much to happen..

Anyway, he'll be back at 6PM EST. Free free to up vote :).. or ask questions. Be nice!

And.. upvote my posts about him funding my movie! It would be pretty cool to make a movie!

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I am happy

So many people see through the false left/right paradigm propagated by Fox News, MSNBC, CNN and the rest of the MSM.

I'd take a Dennis Kucinich, Tom Coburn, Rand & Ron Paul, Jim DeMint, Bernie Sanders....hell I'd even take Franken...

Over the supposed 'centrists' like Harry Reid, Eric Cantor, Lindsay Graham and John McCain. Everyone outside of this group is labeled "extreme" or "radical" and they are marginalized by MSM, especially the Neo-Con pundits.

Bush & Obama are so similar it's like plagiarism.

I often wish the members of both houses denounced party affiliation and simply voted on the merits, with their own conscience and for the wishes of their own electorate.

Agendas and lobby groups would just seem like a bad dream.

Can't Hurt To Try

Good luck. Please post any response.

Good stuff

Break a show-biz leg with the project.