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Wash Your Brain - Hollywood Mind Control!

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Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

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I think it's important to think or know...

..that we live in a world of multiple realities.

Those realities often intermingle in strange and often unintentional ways.

A reality of archetypes may be experienced vividly by some people some of the time (possibly by anyone at any time).
However, with multiple realities, it is hard to say any experience is "true" outside the context of that reality, especially given that surrounding participants may not be experiencing the same reality.

Categorizing and analyzing a reality of which you are not experiencing is a little like reading the stars. At one time, the mystery and configuration of the stars was fully experienced and most of it's meaning came from that experience, not from a text-book interpretation. The interpretations of forecast-ed events is rarely accurate, maybe because the world is dynamic and can not be observed without affecting it.

As far as the imagery and actions of U.S. entertainment stars and corporations goes (and anyone else for that matter), archetypes are a part of life, maybe even the language of life. These archetypes and associated symbolism occur naturally and are a natural expression through the different phases and stages of life. Artists (and people in general) borrow, create, and are attracted to these images and symbolism. There may be a deeper meaning or association, and there may not, and that determination may also depend upon what reality you happen to be standing in.

Regarding weather people consciously participate with these otherly meanings, that's an individual determination that isn't true for everyone.

At least that's what I tend to think.

Love the visuals.

worth watching just for them.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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We've been bamboozled folks.

We've been bamboozled folks.