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QUICK!: GOA: Sen. Lee To Offer Amendment Tonight To Ban Most Gun Control - Call Your Rep NOW!


"Senator Lee to Offer Amendment Tonight to Ban Most Gun Control in the Senate
Contact your Senators

We realize it's short notice, but we wanted to alert you that, later tonight, Senator Mike Lee of Utah intends to offer an amendment to the budget resolution that would prohibit any gun control legislation which does not have 2/3 vote in the Senate.

We know, we know. We would prefer to prohibit any and all gun control, even if it had 100 votes.

But if the Lee amendment is passed, the practical effect will be that gun control can never again pass the Senate.

Given the Armageddon-like fight which we are now engaged in in the Senate, achieving a gun-control peace for the rest of our lifetimes would be a good thing.

ACTION: Contact your Senators. Ask them to vote for the Lee amendment to require 2/3 vote for the Senate to impose any gun control. You can call your Senators since time is short. The number for the Senate is 202-224-3121."

Lee Proposes Supermajority to Pass Gun Control Bills
"Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, will offer an amendment to the Democrats’ fiscal 2014 budget resolution that seeks to require a two-thirds majority for the passage of any gun control legislation in the Senate.

The amendment by Lee, a member of the Judiciary Committee who has tea party backing, comes ahead of the biggest floor debate on gun control in nearly two decades. Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., announced Thursday that he would bring a package of gun-related bills to the floor during the week of April 8, when lawmakers return from their two-week spring recess.

Lee’s amendment, which his office provided to CQ Roll Call, features a broad definition of gun control and seeks to require a 67-vote supermajority threshold for passage of a number of the proposals that are expected to be debated on the floor next month.

The amendment, for example, seeks to require the supermajority for any bill that “prohibits specific firearms or categories or firearms” or “limits the size of ammunition feeding devices,” an apparent reference to the assault weapons ban (S 150) sponsored by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.

It would also require a supermajority for any bill that “requires background checks through a federal firearms licensee for private transfers of firearms,” a reference to a proposal (S 374) by Sen. Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y., that has been the subject of weeks of bipartisan negotiations and also will be included in the April floor debate.

The negotiations between Schumer and Republicans, including Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, have stalled on the question of whether records should be kept of private firearm sales. Coburn has raised concerns that such a requirement would lead to a national gun registry, and Lee’s amendment also seeks to address that concern. It would require a supermajority for any bill that “establishes a record-keeping system for the sale of firearms.”

Lee’s amendment is highly unlikely to succeed in the Democratic-led Senate, but one gun-rights group praised it on Friday.

“We would prefer to prohibit any and all gun control, even if it had 100 votes,” Gun Owners of America said in an email to supporters. “But if the Lee amendment is passed, the practical effect will be that gun control can never again pass the Senate.” "

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The rep for this area is none other than that dried up old cat, diane frankenstein. >=[ I've sent messages to her several times and will do it again.

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

Ted could argue this case

Ted Cruz could argue this case personally before the Supreme Court and win, does he support it? Mike Lee filibusterer, asking for answers to DHS questions?

Congress Has Zero Authority

Congress has no legal authority to ban our constitutionally protected rights. There is no voting threshold which legitimizes the violation of their oaths of office. We need to start treating those who propose gun-bans as criminals, acting in violation of constitutional law.

Totally Agree

They did the same thing with Obamacare. Ram it through, even though they have no right.