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Why we may be closer to Armageddon than "Experts" will admit

NOTE: I am not going to provide links in this OP/EP. All of this information is freely available via a search engine. I will, however, clearly identify facts vs. conjecture. I believe the United States is closer to thermonuclear war that at any time in our history, infinitely closer than the Cuban Missile Crisis. Here is why.

The IMF showdown with the Banks in Cyprus is actually a financial attack on the Russian elites, many of whom are top level military or former KGB. Putin has attacked the IMF's policies in this matter.

The draconian sanctions on Iran and North Korea are attacks on countries that are either clients or suppliers to China and Russia. It is not lost lost on the leaders of North Korea and Iran that "playing ball" with the West and the UN gets you killed, while Israel gets a pass on pretty much everything. This coupled with the embrace of "preemptive war" by Israel and the US provides the perfect excuse for a "Pearl Harbor" attack on the US and Israel.

China and Russia are far better positioned to survive a thermonuclear exchange. China, in particular has been using the dollar to "build infrastructure), which likely includes many underground installations stockpiled with food and water.

North Korea's rapid advances in "mini-nukes" could very well be the due to the help or Chinese or Russian physicists.

Neither North Korea nor Iran needs accurate ICBMs to do major damage to US coastal cities. Both have large fleets of "midget submarines," which could easily carry a nuclear device. Why Iran midget subs could easily reach Israel's coastal cities, North Korean midget submarines could not carry enough fuel, unless some of them have nuclear power plants. This is conjecture; however, again with Russian or Chinese help, this is possible.

While physical damage from such a nuclear detonation might not be extensive, radioactive fallout could make takes permanently uninhabitable.

Presently five US supercarriers are docked at Naval Station, Norfolk. One, the USS Enterprise is undergoing decommissioning. However, the four others make up 40% of the US supercarrier fleet and all five ships probably have full or at least partial complements of carrier-qualified sailors to assist in their servicing.

Russia has already promised thermonuclear retaliation if Iran is attacked. Any massive retaliation against North Korea would cause "collateral damage" in China, giving the Chinese an excuse to use thermonuclear weapons against the US. The US would then be faced with facing off against Russia AND China with nearly half of her supercarriers destroyed, roughly half of her carrier-qualified sailors dead or dying, several of her major coastal cities uninhabitable, her "ally," Israel virtually destroyed and her European allies in financial collapse or accepting the damage or, worse, surrender.

This could well be the reason the leaders of North Korea and Iran are presently behaving so confidently and with such bellicosity. By the way, these midget submarines are nearly impossible to detect using conventional anti-submarine warfare.

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They didn't want to respond

They didn't want to respond to 4 hijacked planes.

Nobody (maybe some) knew that

Nobody (maybe some) knew that flight 11 and 175 were going to be crashed into the WTC so why would they shoot them down? Think about giving an order to shoot down two passenger planes that were hijacked, your ass would be in a wringer. I could see that, Media,"Why did you give an order to shoot down those planes?" Order giver,"I thought they were going to be flown in to the WTC" Uhuh! You also have to think about the damage that a shot down plane would do over a city.
Only 17 minutes elapsed between flight 11 hitting the WTC and flight 175 hitting it, not much time to make a decision like shooting down a plane and the uncertainty of whether the first hit was an accident.
Now flight 77 didn't hit the Pentagon(?) for another 34 minutes after 175 hit the WTC, would it be smart to shoot down a plane over Washington DC? It's better to let the hijackers take the blame then to shoot down a plane killing all aboard and who knows how many on the ground.
From what I've seen I think flight 193 was shot down and they used the supposed passenger uprising as a cover.
My two cents.

Golfer Payne Stewart's aircraft...

was followed by NORAD fighters until it crashed in 1999. Had it wandered toward densely populated areas, it clearly would have been shot down. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Payne_Stewart

One must weigh the lives of hundreds on passenger aircraft against the lives of as many as tens of thousands that could have been killed, depending upon the crash site. The government's "official story" does not hold water at any level.