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Thousands of Libyan missiles from Qaddafi era missing in action

The U.S. has been unable to secure thousands of potentially dangerous shoulder-fired missiles known as "MANPADS" that were leftover from the Qaddafi regime in Libya, CBS News has learned.

MANPADS stands for "Man-portable air-defense systems." According to a well-placed source, hundreds of the missiles have been tracked as having gone to Al Qaeda Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), an Algeria-based Sunni Muslim terrorist group fighting for control in Mali.

"I would imagine they're trying to get their hands on as many weapons such as MANPADS as they can," says CBS News national security consultant Juan Zarate. "It's a danger both to the military conflict underway in Mali and a real threat to civilian aircraft if, in fact, terrorists have their hands on these MANPADS."

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Here We Go

Sounds like somebody is eager to justify an invasion of Algeria. Here comes another false-flag. I can imagine the headlines.

"Al-Queada" shoots down civilian jet plane over Algeria. President Obama claims an American presence in the country is required for "stability". CIA claims "Al-qaeda, is like, totally not working for us, and are just a bunch of meanies", but can't explain why air traffic was re-routed into harms way. When asked how high-tech US military weapons got into Libya in the first place, officials respond, "duh, we think Qaddafi bought the weapons with bitcoins".

If Qaddafi had thousands of anti-aircraft "MANPADS", then why didn't he use them when his regime was getting bombed to smithereens?