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Richard Maybury: How to Defeat the Statists

Richard Maybury is one of the sharpest thinkers out there when it comes to liberty and geopolitics.

I ran across an interview of him from a few years back.

He gives great advice about the liberty message and how to promote it.


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Thanks for link

Good interview. I will check out some of his books. My reading list keeps getting longer and longer around here, but they look like relatively quick reads and sound good and I can share them with some of the younger people in my life also.

you will love those books.

you will love those books. what ever happened to penny candy is awesome on economics for youngsters. the 1000 year war is awesome for why we are in the middle east. Everything he has is great.

I urge everyone who has kids

I urge everyone who has kids and grandkids to buy his uncle eric books., easy to read and understand. Great for adults too. Please check Maybury out.