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DP Profiles: Interview of the one and only Vinceableworld, part 1!

In this DailyPaul Exclusive, the incisive question asking of one Bill3 will delve into the mind of Vincableworld, pry it open and bear its contents for all to see. Are you ready?

What is the law?

As far as the modern courts go believe it or not the Bible is The Law. For the sovereign man the law is do not harm anyone else or steal, and honor your word.

How does the law and the courts relate to liberty knowledge of the law, etc?

You can't really talk about that without talking about the BAR pseudo-monopoly on the interpretation of "law." The courts today are all messed up - on purpose. What's actually going on in there is internal administrative hearings. They aren't busting criminals for crimes by and large. The hearings are for employee conduct.
While the majority of americans think they are going in there - because they broke some law..

The "courts" are presuming we are employees and have agreed to a set of rules called "statutes" and "acts."

Employee conduct... similar to when wal-mart does your employee review. A US citizen is actually a government employee.

What makes a statute and a law so different?

Laws are made by the creator - they are self-evident. Things like do not harm and do not steal are self-evident. If you give your word - keep it - or don't give it - another self-evident one.
Statutes are made by man... usually for political purposes.
Not on the basis of right and wrong.

What is the most important source of power in our society for the elites or for the ruling class?

Bar none - the sheriff. And Sheriff Mack even proved that in the supreme court. It's also the courts - via commandeering the sheriffs. I would also pose a question for thought: Why are politics paraded across the TV 24/7 but you almost NEVER see a "public" trial? Answer: Because the elite want you focused on politics. They want you to assume the rules made by the board of this corporation apply to you.

You say that the regime of statutes and regulations has superseded the courts of law. But these statutes are arbitrated through the courts. How was that change effected?

Nothing has superseded the Law. You must agree to be bound by a certain set of rules. Court is a game. The rules of the game are presumed to be understood by both opponents. While the people are guaranteed common law by the 7th article of the bill of rights...
They do not insist on it - and so are "managed" by human resources in an administrative capacity. So the best answer to your question "How do the courts actually work?" is "They work completely based on presumption."

When did the statutory or regulatory regime take over from the common law courts?

Most of it happened during FDR in '33

How can knowledge about the law help the liberty movement

Learning how to defend yourself in court does a few things:
1) You do not have to waive any of your rights.
2) You have the option of NOT acting as an employee.
3) You're not funding a BIG part of the problem - which is ATTORNEYS who make lots of money on getting people to waive rights they don't even know they have.
4) When people realize this - the ONLY thing we're missing is PUBLIC trials - so we start making them public - start showing up at every hearing with a 20 people entourage... etc...
This is where all our efforts should be focused - on the sheriffs and courts.
...because that's where our rights are either defended or violated.

Lots of laws never make it to court. E.g. Obamacare. No one gets arrested under Obamacare. How to deal with those laws?

I don't care about that Act (not law) unless it has an effect on me... when it does then I would file a claim to that effect.
Think about that Bill: Why do they call them "Acts"?

Shakespeare my friend.
Because it's all an act that's why.
They want you to think it's real though.

The attorneys get the cops to violate their oaths.
The attorneys technically never do anything wrong.

Is the BAR a new thing?

BAR stands for British Accredited Registry (or Register). The American system of law is based on the common law of England. That's not a bad thing. What's bad is the commercial statutes.

What we have is the SAME THING as if wal-mart took over one day and started running the country, or if United States changed it's name to McDonald's. Only think people would obviously say "I don't work for McDonald's why do I have to follow your rules?"

So how did you learn about the law and the legal system etc. ?

Started out just reading the constitution. Then I faced a legal issue in a court thinking knowing the constitution was enough. I realized then that the courts were actually speaking a completely different language and I didn't know it.

So how did you go about getting that knowledge. Books, websites, authors?

All of the above. There's a few different talkshoes I listen to where references are noted occasionally and such... then you go straight to the source - their dictionaries such as Blacks Law Dictionary.

As far as author's one that is very good is Elizabeth Mary Croft - she does an excellent job explaining commerce. But the list is way too long and a lot of this is experimental.

What is the most shocking/interesting thing you learned since the time you've been studying?

I think the most shocking thing is the sheer immensity of the problem. It's truly unfathomable how much fraud is going on that by and large the basic court employee knows nothing about.

So until people understand what is financing all of this tyranny they will never realize that voting will never work - the voting is set up to make you think you got your two cents in.

While to change certain "govt" policies - such as the Department of Education - you're talking about billions in bonds that aren't going to be written.

Thanks for the interview, Vince!

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You're welcome Bill.

I would add to:

Laws are made by the creator - they are self-evident. Things like do not harm and do not steal are self-evident. If you give your word - keep it - or don't give it - another self-evident one.

If we all followed THESE laws the need for "government" would surely dissipate into obsolescence no? What I have found since laying them down in concrete is that the average man/woman on the street is not capable of following them.

Hence we can't self govern. (We can't govern ourselves.) So in a poetically horrific way our tyranny is justified. It's our neglect of our duties defending liberty come home to roost.

My words are verified, mistakes omitted. All rights retained :)

smartest thing u ever said

smartest thing u ever said

"How many times have we rehashed this?" ?

"Our system of law is not based on English common law."

Until YOU get it !

Read a little why don't you. Here's a good single source Primer for you.


A General View of the Origin and Nature of the Constitution and Government of the United States:
- Henry Baldwin

Deduced from the Political History and Condition of the Colonies and States, from 1774 Until 1788. And the Decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States. Together with Opinions in the Cases Decided at January Term, 1837, Arising on the Restraints on the Powers of the States (Google eBook)

"The Bible is not accepted as law in the courtroom."

Yeah, you only Swear Oath on it.

Does Form and Social Philosophy totally escape you ?

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info

So no one gets confused...

He's replying to my points made in the post below. Sometimes it's hard to figure out the commenting system.

"Until YOU get it !"

So this is one of those 2 + 2 = 5 things? Orwell must have been right.

You're obviously wrong. You've been proven wrong in thread after thread, and then all you do is wait 4 months and come back in here and utter the same nonsense.

Eric Hoffer

Ha ha ha :

"So this is one of those 2 + 2 = 5 things? Orwell must have been right.

You're obviously wrong. You've been proven wrong in thread after thread, and then all you do is wait 4 months and come back in here and utter the same nonsense.

Eric Hoffer"

Proven wrong ? hahaha

Show it or Blow it. I'm still waiting for you to provide your "TAX Win" letter bragged about some time ago. Not a challenge, mere request to add to our overall knowledge base. Attitude ended up POing me is all.

Why do I even bother with you ?

Apologies to other posters. Flame off.

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info


You mean all of the proofs in the other threads about Bar not being an acronym weren't enough?

I don't see what my posting the letter from the IRS saying I didn't owe them after our prolonged legal struggle will do. Increase my credibility? Is that all you need? The numerous other sources weren't enough for you?

If that's what it takes to get you guys to shut it and stop misleading people who might be in actual legal trouble, I'll gladly do it, but doing so without a firm guarantee that you guys will stop lying to people doesn't really help the situation much.

My offer from before still stands, if you believe so strongly that you don't need to pay taxes and that lawyers are for other people than you, kindly post your personal details here, including SS#, address, name, actual income, and reported income. Allow yourself to be reported to the IRS. Lets check how your theories work out in the actual legal system. If you're right, you'll have freed all Americans from taxes forever and will be a hero throughout the history. What greater good for the country could you do than freeing Americans from taxes?

Eric Hoffer

You Have Me Confused :

With some one else. That explains it.

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info

Well then

Still repeating the old lie that Bar is an acronym?

How many times have we rehashed this?

Obvious troll will troll. Our system of law is not based on English common law. Bar refers to "the bar" in the courtroom, a barrier to entry, not an acronym, and The Bible is not accepted as law in the courtroom.

I really hope you guys realize the moral hazard here if people actually take your advice and get locked up or fined. Crap like this has real world consequences for those naive enough to trust you.

Eric Hoffer



“It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till." -J.R.R. Tolkien

Ohhhh Noooo hide your kids,

Ohhhh Noooo hide your kids, Bill3 interviews his old arch nemesis Vinceableworld in a DailyPaul exclusive that will set the bar for all Dailypaul interviews going forward!

I want "interviews going forward"...

...to be done in VIDEO format! ;)

Bill has some talent.

He could at least start with some audio interviews.