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Croatia's Ben Swann on hunger strike for several days - MSM silent

"It has been 11 days since Croatian investigative journalist Domagoj Margetic first begun hunger strike because his research work was.forbidden from publishing in Croatian mainstream media.

Domagoj Margetic has investigated and documented one of the biggest Croatian corruption affairs with Hypo-Alpe-Adria Bank, that is responsible for stealing 47.7 billion of EUR from Croatian citizens, in 2 decades. Managers of Hypo Bank in the year 2010 admittet that crimes, (signed document that Domagoj disoveries are truth) in which are also involved very many members of former and present Croatian government , other polititians and many bussinessmen, but up till now, nobody but former prime minister of Croatia was prosecuted.

Domagoj has been marginalized as a journalist and as a citizen since, and his fundamental human rights and rights to work had been taken away from him as a form of punishment and/or intimidation. He fights for the freedom of investigative journalism and free speech. He fights for the truth. The mainstream media in Croatia is ignoring his sacrifice and keeps silent about it, probably because they fear that this event could trigger an organized protest of the citizens who support Domagoj and want justice for the country."


Thought I'd share his story.

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