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The Young Turks schooled again by ACP...Vid

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"C" student LOL!

And, this "C" student is a journalist, seeking to influence people!? Why is it that they get any attention. I would have never been in graduate or medical school with a "C" average!

I say, let us own anything we want, to allow us the ability to fight off a tyrannical government. TANKS INCLUDED!

That was lame

There was no "schooling" going on here, and the unfortunate thing is that it would've been extremely easy to destroy that guy with the beard.

Totally agree. I was majorly

Totally agree. I was majorly disappointed watching this, I didn't see any schooling going on either. I don't think this guy was a good representative at all, he wasted this opportunity in my eyes. What good points did he get out? Basically just said we're giving out guns because we "both feel strongly on the guns side of things".


I'm with you on that.

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)