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Gulf War Deaths Exceed Vietnam War Numbers

Department of Veterans Affairs Reports 73 Thousand U.S. Gulf War Deaths

By Gary Vey for viewzone

Editor's Note: This story was published in the early part of 2010 and received little attention until just recently. It's very satisfying as a writer to receive emails from readers who are finally realizing what kind of deception has been pulled on the American citizens. I also thank Rense.com for posting the link. For some reason, Rense.com rarely carries stories from viewzone.com, despite our common concerns and views. Anyway, thanks Rense! And thanks to the many readers who help spread the truth from websites like rense.com and viewzone.com -- we do it for you because we love this country and despise what it has become of late. Happy July 4th everyone!

More Gulf War Veterans have died than Vietnam Veterans. This probably is news to you. But the truth has been hidden by a technicality. So here is the truth.

The casualties in the Vietnam War were pretty simple to understand. If a soldier was dead from his combat tour, he was a war casualty. There are 58,195 names recorded on the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, DC.

read more http://www.viewzone.com/wardeaths.html

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Here is the authors reference:
VA_GWVIS_Report _2007.pdf>

It took me over an hour to read all 27 pages with some degree of understanding.

The author possiblbly did not delve into it at length, else he may have realized his misinterpretation of the orgins and scope of the figures used in the charts.
It is time consuming and requires a good deal of thinking and I do realize that the modern journalist skillset is poor; so I can understand the lack of diligence. *sigh*
Cut/Paste + Scary Headline! = Journalism! Yeah!

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This doesn't pass the smell test

I have no doubt that the Military is playing fast and loose with numbers, but I seriously doubt they erased 50000+ deaths. During Vietnam, everyone knew someone who had been wounded or killed in the war. The Iraq War, however, had less impact on the American psyche because none of it seemed real. No body bags. No neighbor down the street who won't be coming home. Vietnam was on every front page and every newcast every day for a decade. Iraq, on the other hand, could go days or weeks without front page billing.

On the other hand, the dead-to-wounded ratio in Vietnam was supposedly around 1 dead for every three wounded. In Iraq, the number is between 1 dead for every 10 to 20 wounded. So if we lost 5000 dead in Iraq, then we lost upwards of 100,000 wounded. That ain't no little thing.

The Gulf War was the one in 92

Not the current one. Just for clarification's sake.

Ah ha!

The confusion is in the original article. It quotes Gulf War statistics, but goes juxaposes it with commentary on the Iraq War.

I was confused because the article is confused.
Thanks for the correction.

Ah ha!

The confusion is in the original article. It quotes Gulf War statistics, but goes juxaposes it with commentary on the Iraq War.

I was confused because the article is confused.
Thanks for the correction.

This is incorrect

There were nearly 60,000 American soldiers killed in the Vietnam war.

But how many came home and killed themselves? How many drunk themselves to death? Shot heroin? Shot themselves? Hung themselves?

Vietnam was horrible and so much more worse to fight in then the war in Iraq.

These stats are presented in the article:

Total U.S. Military Gulf War Deaths: 73,846
* Deaths amongst Deployed: 17,847
* Deaths amongst Non-Deployed: 55,999

The article says, "Under the new reporting system, deaths that happen en route or post evacuation are not counted as combat deaths. This is why the number seems unusually low -- a little over four thousand as of 2009."

The number 17,847 is still much lower than 58,000.

There was no data presented in the article regarding the Total US Military Vietnam War Deaths to compare the Gulf War deaths to.

You may be right, but

The "Non-deployed" number would also include those shipped to CONUS hospitals, hospitals in Germany, etc... Removing suicides the number is probably in the middle of the 55K number.

They are correct that deaths are not counted unless they are tagged as deceased at the incident location. But, even if none of the 55K deaths were from battle - 17,000 versus 5,000 is still pretty shocking.

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Great find, thx.

The bit about the uranium was the most disheartening to me. I had no idea it was that large of a quantity. And the lies are bad. I have little sympathy for murderers though, especially in the age of the Internet - ignorance is no excuse.

BTW, the Gulf War is the war of Bush Sr., the recent Iraq war is more popularly known as the Iraq War. Your title confused me until I read a good portion of the article.

I just bookmarked this; I am not surprised--

--but it's so . . . horrific.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

This is so wrong - so evil.

And no end in sight...what Bush started, Obama has continued, and the next chosen one will continue...

Dem or Rep - absoultely no difference.

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