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Healthcare Insurance premiums set to rise by between 50 and 100% in 2014 as a result of Obamacare

Healthcare Premiums are expected to rise by between 50% and 100% in 2014 as a result of the full implementation of Obamacare.
A state by state analysis.
These numbers are from a GOP joint House/Senate report and as such need to be fact checked.

This story from Huffy Po and the WSJ only serves to give credence that the numbers in the above link are about right for the expected rise in Healthcare premiums in 2014.


Forbes :- Why Healthcare spending is set to explode under Obamacare.

See this for the overall picture on Obamacare and latest stories.

See this for the overall economic picture and the multiple factors that will lead to a very deep and prolonged US recession starting in 3rd quarter 2013.

The erosion of the US economy in 2 words - Jobs & wages.


The problems of the US economy are due to a transfer of wealth to the top 1%, (mostly via astronomical levels of military spending and Corporate Welfare) and a consistent and dramatic decline in real wages and disposable incomes.

QE and money printing is a mechanism to transfer the wealth of the many to the few.
The top 1% are still doing very well.
The 99% are NOT.

Congressional budget plans and why the US is in deep trouble.

All of the Fiscal Cliff deal, the full implementation of Obamacare and Current Federal Reserve printing are strongly recessionary.
The effects are already showing up in the jobs reports.


Obama's "recovery" in a set of economic charts.

The overall picture
A very deep and prolonged recession will start in 3rd Quarter 2013 due to current government and Federal Reserve policies.

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Peolple with probably be healthier. Example, moral hazard.