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Colorado Governor (and traitor) John Hickenlooper signs treasonous gun control measures

(NaturalNews) At least 200 jobs will soon be lost in the state of Colorado, thanks to the treasonous signing of two new gun control bills by Governor John Hickenlooper. Magpul Industries, a major manufacturer of firearm magazines and other accessories, has announced it will move its operations out of the state since a significant number of its products will soon be made illegal in the state.

As reported by NBC News and others, the two bills signed by Hickenlooper will expand the scope of background checks to include private and online gun sales, as well as ban the sale of so-called "high capacity" magazines, which hold more than 10 round of ammunition or more than five shotgun shells.

Though the two bills will do absolutely nothing to prevent gun-related crimes -- criminals, after all, can access all sorts of illegal weaponry on the black market regardless of existing laws -- Hickenlooper and his supporters claim the anti-Second Amendment legislation will make communities safer. But the rest of the sane world, including millions of law-abiding gun owners, recognize the new laws as just another infringement on constitutional rights.

Meanwhile, Magpul has announced that it fully intends to fulfill its earlier promise to leave the state following the passage of H.B. 1224, the bill that specifically prohibits the sale, transfer, or possession of "large-capacity" magazines. An announcement on the company's Facebook page recently explains that its move to a new state will be phased and orderly, and that customers need not worry.


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Check this out.

For Revenge on the LIberals

if you live in Colorado find marijuana grows and stores and report it to federal agents so they can raid and get rid of and i think it should be a bunch reported at once that way they send their full army to get rid of it all and put those communists in jail where they belong and see how the liberals like that as punishment for what they did.

Interesting find recently

Right on the heels of this and marijuana legalization, there's actually a city council candidate in Colorado Springs who supports a new federal courthouse - with a campus that has the ATF, FBI, DEA, etc: http://americansforprosperity.org/colorado/files/2013/03/Col.... Any others? I'd love to know.

"Of two evils, choose neither." -Charles Spurgeon
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This shows there is a difference between

Liberals and libertarians on civil liberties.

Liberals often complain that conservatives are legislating their morality in the social sphere. Well they are too.

Broadly speaking, most of them approve the use of marijuana and want it legalised because they approve its use, thereby legislating their morality on you.

In contrast, broadly speaking, a libertarian does not necessarily endorse the use of marijuana or not endorse it; the libertarian instead says i refuse to legislate my morality on you and you have a right to put what you want in your body, even if i disagree with it.

It's hard to tell the distinction, but it becomes plain as daylight on gun control. The liberal does not care for civil liberties but wants to legislate their morality on your rights and say you cannot own a weapon, whereas the libertarian respects your right to do so, regardless of whether they think it's a good or bad thing to own one.

In the legalisation of marijuana in Colarado, they weren't doing it for the principles of liberty, they did it because they beat conservatives in legislating morality. And now, they are after your guns.

The liberals have taken

The liberals have taken control of Colorado. Too bad...

Thanks for the update LL

Please Colorado residents, make them feel this come election time.

Except for the Western Slope,

Colorado has been taken over by Liberals...especially the Boulder area.
It is unbelievably frustrating!!