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State Representative Claims EMP Weapon Has Been Tested in Tennessee


The Tennessee legislature is often viewed as a bunch of clowns by the rest of the country. Rightfully so in many cases.

The legislature needs to stick with upholding 2nd amendment rights and other such things that they may know a little something about instead of fear-mongering Homeland Security memes.

Rep. Rick Womick makes these claims without a shred of verification:

"An electromagnetic pulse bomb is similar to a nuclear bomb that goes off."

"It wipes out everything electronically. We had one go off just down outside of Shelbyville. It'll be two years ago this summer."

"Nobody knows about it."

"That EMP bomb—made off the Internet, suitcase-sized—wiped out a 5-mile radius of everything that was electronic.

".....it has been tested in Tennessee."

The Nashville Scene, neck deep in the left-right divide and conquer territory and who makes it their main business to make fun of Republicans, did an 'investigation' of Womick's remarks. The remarks were part of a legislative session where they were discussing whisking away the law makers to a secret safe location in case of a 9/11 style 'terrorist' attack in Tennessee.

The Scene's sarcasm aside, Womick needs to put up some proof or shut up. We think he will shut up.

A suitcase size EMP bomb made from plans on the internet. Maybe Womick is working for the predictive programing arm of the CIA and friends? He claims to have a high level federal security clearance which probably means he is being fed bulls**t for breakfast and is expected to share it.

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