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Marco Rubio Voted NO on Rand Paul's Budget

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Monday Morning Telephone Response Team.

Sen. Rubio has made yet another poor decision.

Let's burn up some phone lines first thing Monday morning!

Sen. Marco Rubio
D.C. 202 224-3041
Tampa 813 977-6450

Call both offices!

Exercise Liberty.

America Rising.
The Constitution Stands.

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Time to ask?

Don't you people realize yet? The establishment is not on our side and never will. They don't like Rand and some people are just acting like they do. Come on people. Have you forgot what they did to Ron Paul?

So what are you going to do

So what are you going to do about that?

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Time to ask the

TeaPartiers where is the OUTRAGE of RubiMcCain not supporting Rand! Isn't he a tea partier or is he an ELITIST ESTABLISHMENT teapartier. Guess he likes to party on their vote and MONEY for the ESTABLISHMENT. They should care for it is their dime! Lol!

It is time to spread this as far as possible.

For that matter. Why didn't McConnell put some pressure on all the Republicans. We all know the answer for that. As much as I hate to say it I will send money to a libertarian candidate running for his seat. Better that than him or Judd. Tell BENTON, his new boss just screwed the pooch.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

I tried Watching Fox News

When they talk about Rand. My take on it is that the directors and producers know that Rand and Liberty is popular, so they have to at least pretend to endorse it.

But as you will notice, the names Jeb Bush and Rubio are mentioned anytime they mention Paul for president. Am just saying, odds are they will pull the wool over their viewer's eyes and sell them rubio or bush.

Beware watching corporate owned "news". Side effects may include the takeover of your country right before your eyes.

i would not vote for him with a ten foot pole!!!

he is as shady as shady gets!

The ultimate test for Neocon

if FoxNews and other media isn't trying to constantly discredit them, they are a neocon puppet. So naturally, Rubio is one of them since FoxNews always throws him softball underhand throws during interviews and constantly spouts off how mainstream and great he is. Rand on the other hand is already getting "well, he is a LIBERTARIAN Republican" or "can he really win if hes not mainstream?" or "he is to the left of Obama on national security". Rand will constantly have to make sure he stands out from Rubio to counteract the media blackouts later on. Although, they will probably just rig the voting again.

I sense

he has been patted on the head by the Bushes, Cheney, etc. He seems to be a nice guy but something tells me not to trust him yet.

I have no trust for him - he proved himself to me before

this vote.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Keep this around for 2016

Keep this around for 2016


time to pay their facebooks a visit!

What do you expect

Rubio is a traitor and a CFR member. Another implanted shill for the RINOs.

You do know


The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is an independent think tank. The US Senate's Foreign Relations Committee is something completely different. Reread the article more carefully - this article DOES NOT say that Rand is a CFR member! It says he has a seat on the Senate's Foreign Relations Committee. This article does not link Rand to the CFR in any way whatsoever. Common mistake though.

Update: just reread that thing again, and I can see the confusion. The proper name is "The Foreign Relations Committee". The Nytimes switching around the wording to the "Commiteee on Foreign Relations" seems purposefully misleading.

I AM is all that is. Everything else is malleable.

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Rubio also voted against Rand with the filibuster cloture vote.

Rubio participated in the filibuster only to later vote against it. Nice guy. Rubio is a dyed-in-the-wool neocon.

So did McCain and Graham

Still standing up to the wacko birds, haha...

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When Rand Paul introduced an

When Rand Paul introduced an amendment to prevent the President from giving away twenty f-16s and fifty tanks as part of a $1.6T foreign aid package to the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt, a similar vote emerged. Every Democratic senator and 22 Republican senators voted the amendment down. Eighteen (the same number) of Republican Senators voted for that amendment. I'm guessing that the same Republican senators who voted with the Muslim Brotherhood and Democrats are pretty much the same senators who voted to spend all this money with the Democrats. At least they are now on record as being RINOs.

No one even bothered to mention that McCain again voted with the RINOs and Democrats. :)

Now we know which Republican Senators need to be primaried

Good easy check list there. Luckily I'm in Texas.

Both "conservative" TN

Both "conservative" TN senators corker and alexander of course voted no...god, I hate those neocons...and yet the stupid people of TN keep electing these idiots all the while thinking them conservative.

I've been calling those

I've been calling those idiots over and over for years and they don't act conservative nor Constitutional in my opinion AT ALL! I don't understand why they keep winning these elections. I still wonder about our voting system if you want to know the truth about it. I live in W. TN and during the 2008 primaries, I asked for a paper ballot at my precinct just to see what would happen. We have computerized voting WITH NO PAPER TRAIL. Not sure how widespread this is around Tennessee. When I asked, it caused a HUGE Bru-ha-ha. The precinct leader (an old cantankerous elderly lady) found out they did have the paper ballots. When they pulled them out, they were in a manila envelope with BIG READ CAPITAL LETTERS "FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY!!". Well, that got my suspicions up right away. I told them I wanted one. The leader called the head of the county voting commission and I was told on the phone "YOU CANNOT HAVE ONE" quite rudely after the precinct leader shook the envelope with red letters in my face. I used to work at the local ABC affiliate television station and I contacted them. They came to the precinct and did a story on what I had done and why. I asjed how do they know if your vote counts if it is on a computer with NO PAPER TRAIL; told them they could be easily manipulated. I remember an employee at the tv station talked to me afterwards and said, "you're absolutely right." But I caused such a problem that they had this "nice" big sign printed for their voting precincts that reads real big, "you are not permitted to have a paper ballot." I HIGHLY suspect (at least in my county) that our votes no longer count. I keep bringing it up way before the elections but the public doesn't seem all that interested. If it does come back up by people other than me, it's usually close to the next election. By then, they use the same excuse .... "Well, you should've addressed sooner than now. It's too late to change the process." Those in TN I think are stupid are the ones who know that there is a possibility their votes don't count and they just keep on following the sheep thinking it really matters. That's the only reason I can think of that these corrupt people keep getting elected. Sometimes, they do act stupidly and keep voting in names they know (just because they are Republican) but don't even bother to look at their voting records. I don't get it. I keep trying to educate. Unless there is an outcry to do something different, I fear nothing will change in this state. I'm starting to get to a point of not even bothering to vote.


McConnell votes yes with whatever Paul is doing

Cornyn of Texas is voting with whatever Cruz is doing, who is doing mostly whatever Paul is doing.

Cornyn is shoring up his base, trying to make sure he doesn't get a primary battle, same with McConnell.