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Great American Fighting Back: Cattle Farmer Under Attack For Signs on Semi Trailers Criticizing Obama - VIDEO

Great American Fighting Back: Cattle Farmer Under Attack For Signs on Semi Trailers Criticizing Obama - VIDEO

By Henry Erb
Updated: Friday, 22 Mar 2013, 6:15 AM EDT
Published : Thursday, 21 Mar 2013, 8:58 PM EDT

GAINES TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) - A cattle farmer is fighting a Gaines Township zoning ordinance to keep a couple of trailer-sized political signs on his property.

A crowd is expected in 63rd District Court Friday as Vern Verduin takes on Township officials who are trying to force him to remove his signs.

The signs, which are visible from M-6, are posted on two semi-truck trailers parked in Verduin's pasture.

Read more: http://www.woodtv.com/dpp/news/local/kent_county/farmer-and-...

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I admire this old fireman..

He's got a big pair...

This story...

reminds me of a similar case here in Texas a while back.


Attorney had a billboard that read "Just Say No To Searches." It seems that, at least here in Texas, the loophole is that you must have some sort of onsite activity relating to the billboard. Maybe they just need to sell anti-Obama T-shirts onsite.

I guess I'm not alone

How dare he

criticize our lord and savior Obama!

Do you think anything would have been said if

the signs were "God Bless America" or "Support our Troops"?

Me either.

Garan's picture

Maybe he should have painted..

Lets kill these Communist, Vietnamese, (..uhm can someone give me a name here? ..then just make one up! O.k.) Al-Qaeda bastards!

Support the troupes.


"Township attorney Crystal Morgan says the ordinance limits political signs to 20 square feet. Verduin says that violates his constitutional rights and objects to language that allows larger signs for commercial purposes.

Judge Steven Servaas asked if a sign saying "I love America" would violate the ordinance. Morgan said yes - if it exceeds 20 feet.

He says he'll issue a decision in about 10 days."


I'm not questioning the fact that the ordinance exsists...

I just have serious doubts that if the signs said something glorifying the State anyone would have bothered to bring it up at all. OBVIOUSLY if you ask the "authorities" NOW they are going to say it doesn't matter whats on the sign, etc.

No argument here - I realize that

I posted that in order to show an update to the story, as well as to illustrate the fact that the judge seemed to think the same way you did(great minds think alike). I had the same thoughts myself which is why I had up-voted your comment in the first place.

Garan's picture

Just follow the rule of Law.

Start a company called "Marxism / Socialism = Poverty & Hunger LLC".

..and sell bumper stickers.