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$5 Million?! I think a WHOLE LOT MORE!

I just read a great statement from someone commenting on the ABC News' posting of Ron's fundraising success, and it is something truly worth considering and talking up as you blog and email out there.

The $5 million just raised does NOT take into account an army of volunteers out here, many, MANY of whom have spent thousands upon thousands of hours (worth money) posting signs, holding signs, registering voters, handing out pamphlets, etc. Nor does that $5 million take into accout the many, MANY of us who have spent personal dollars on making our own signs, buying our own campaign bumperstickers, yard signs, campaign brochures, purchasing T-shirts to wear around our towns, etc. I'm not talking about the RonPaul2008 store merchandise either. If you feel as I do right now, Kinko's should be a corporate campaign sponsor...lol.

No, the supporters of Ron Paul have spent FAR MORE than $5 million. And what should scare many of those who oppose us is that we are ready and willing to spend even more for all the above as well as directly to the campaign itself!

So go ahead, pat yourself on the back, but don't forget to relay this information as you go about your cyber campaigning or in-person campaigning for Ron. The $5 million was just what was visible and easiest to report. We all know there was a WHOLE LOT MORE!