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No Joke, Uk Woman Diagnosed As "Allergic To Exercise" (PHOTOS)

No Joke, Uk Woman Diagnosed As "Allergic To Exercise" (PHOTOS)

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/uk-woman-diagnosed-all...

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Hmm... no mention of diet.

Hmm... no mention of diet.

It could be physiological:

"...suffers hives and swelling whenever her heart beats too quickly..."

Doesn't mean she can move at all...

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It could be the adrenaline or endorphins that affect her.

I can sympathize. I sometimes get very irritated when trying to talk common sense to oBUMa/mittens voters. It could be an allergy known as assholitis which causes ones head to get inflamed when assholes REVEL in ignorance.

BTW-first comment was hilarious.

A Friend Once Told Me He Was Allergic To Work

Everytime he did some, he would break out in a sweat...

You just knew this post would have to come from me..