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War Documentary

A friend of mine needs some suggestions for a 30 minute long war documentary to show the effects that war has had on the country and on foreign countries. Does anyone here at DP have any suggestions of interviews or clips that we could include? Thanks guys!

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You could contrast...

You could contrast the typical american experience with the front line actions of war.

For example:

Start with an american family enjoying a comedy on t.v. (or a video game if it doesn't confuse the issue). ..maybe even channel surfing past news on the war.

Cut to footage of killings on the front line.

Cut back to Americans enjoying themselves.

Cut to foreigners in agony over their loved ones (and children) dying.
..back-n-forth with various footage.

Wrap it up with strange stares of foreigners to Americans and maybe even some insensitive comments toward the foreigners.

End it with either footage or commentary on non-terrorist picking up arms against U.S. military in retaliation.

That might show a more tangible story consistent with a common american experience.

God Bless America (we need it).

War Made Easy: How Presidents & Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Deat

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