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How the EU's obsession with wind energy is destroying Britain's coastlines and communities

A new film for the EFD by Ben Pile and Steve Crowther shines a light on the Government’s energy policy as its emphasis swings towards massive offshore windfarms. Featuring a simulation of the Atlantic Array from the North Devon coast (at 1min 50sec), Lost Horizons takes a critical look at the policies driving ‘the great wind rush’, from their origins in the EU through to their effects on local economies, people and the environment.

UK and European energy policy is driving huge investment in wind technology, through massive subsidies. Yet increasingly, politicians and the general public are becoming aware that, no matter how many giant wind turbines are erected across our countryside or around our shores, wind power can’t solve our energy problems or save the planet, and is simply making landowners richer and consumers poorer.

Steve Crowther talks to people who are concerned about the huge new wind arrays now being planned all round the country, and especially the giant ‘Atlantic Array’ proposed between the North Devon and South Wales coasts.

A rising tide of public opinion is pushing the UK government to abandon its obsession with wind power – but will the change come in time to save the country’s precious land and seascapes?:

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