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Vladimir Putin Rolls Out The Red Carpet For China To Help Create A, "New, More Just World Order"

“China and Russia are the main and most important strategic partners,” Mr Xi told Russian media upon his arrival. He said he was eagerly anticipating his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“In many ways we speak a common language,” he said.

Ahead of Mr Xi’s arrival, he said: “We are working together, helping to shape a new, more just world order, ensure peace and security, defend basic principles of international law.”

Mr Xi said that the relations between the two countries are the best ever.

But a bigger concern for the Kremlin, one that it shares with China, is blunting US influence in the region. At the start of talks, Mr. Putin described the ties between the two countries as an “extremely important factor of global politics.”

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"Russian premier gives unprecedented welcome to new Chinese leader as relations thaw"

Oh give me a break. As if Gog and Magog were ever serious enemies of one another. China and Russia are like the US and Canada.

"These realities tend to outweigh the traditionally tense relations between the two neighbouring giants, who were bitter rivals during the Soviet era despite their ideological links."

And I've got some fine ocean front property in Arizona to sell you too. Russia and China were never really bitter rivals.

Ideologically "equal," (pun intended) countries do not attack each other. Hugo Chavez would not attack Cuba, for example...

They call it the "Communist International," for a reason.

And they wage war with deception too. So here we are now, years after the Cold War (supposedly) ended watching Russia give China a big kiss on the ass.

Guards riding on horseback?

All I can say is that I hope those horses did their duty on that red carpet.

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whats with these arrogant statits?

they cant just worry about their own countries, and the lives of their respective peoples. no, they need a plan for all the people of the world. now, im not about to roll over for the socialist banking technocrats here in the US/the west, but Im sure as hell not interested any in cause with some former KGB hack and his red Chinese friends!

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"Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of

Make no mistake about this, China and Russia are....

"throwing down the gauntlet". The plan to directly challenge the Western banksters and military muscle, if necessary. If they issue a joint communique upon Xi's departure, pay careful attention to the wording. If they sign a non-aggression pact, it will be time to break out the survival gear.


They should stop accepting aid and acting like hypocrites and set some good examples and just not running organized corruption and start treating there people with some respect.

PS 90 per cent of crime in Moscow is committed by the Police as I recall. Remember that Russian Police Chief urging Russians to defend themselves from their out of control Police!!

China needs no further comment as you can understand.


Remember, this post is from

Remember, this post is from the same zooamerica who decided that Ron Paul's foreign policy is wrong, because he agrees with the neocons that we must fight wars for other people's oil.

We have needlessly put missiles on Russia's border and have carried out other actions that have convinced Russia that we are dangerous to deal with, effectively pushing them into China's arms. We'd have better relations with Russia if we had Ron Paul's foreign policy.

God forbid, I changed my

God forbid, I changed my mind. Yes, I did decide that Ron Paul's foreign policy was wrong, but the reason why did not pertain to any kind of neoconservative influence.

All I did was read an article about a recent confrontation China had with Japan, looked at a map of the middle east and central Asia, and the rest is literally history.

I asked myself, why were Japan and Israel, "created," essentially as US military outposts after WW2?

After doing some basic research, I concluded with the thought that Israel and Japan were designed to protect the United States, Europe and the Western world from Gog and Magog...Russia and China.

Nixon thought we could industrialize China back in the 70's and help make them our allies. It didn't work.

I firmly believe that the, "War on Terror," is nothing but an extension of the Cold War, for the Soviet Union never really collapsed (Perestroika Deception) and China has always had an ideological connection with Russia.

China and Russia are the 2 Beasts of the East. Gog and Magog.

They have not fired a single shot, but the fire of world communism burns brightly in the minds of men and woman throughout the world.

Communism is a very powerful idea....it must be confronted with an idea that is more powerful, and that idea is called Freedom.

But Freedom comes with a high price tag. It's not cheap, and it's not "free," like communism.

The Soviet Union, "collapsed," as did the Berlin Wall.

Most people thought that was the end of communism.

Boy were they wrong.

Mikhail Gorbachev speech to the Soviet Politburo, November 1987.


"Gentlemen, comrades, do not be concerned about all you hear about Glasnost and Perestroika and democracy in the coming years. They are primarily for outward consumption. There will be no significant internal changes in the Soviet Union, other than for cosmetic purposes. Our purpose is to disarm the Americans and let them fall asleep.

We want to accomplish three things:

One, we want the Americans to withdraw conventional forces from Europe.

Two, we want them to withdraw nuclear forces from Europe.

Three, we want the Americans to stop proceeding with Strategic Defense Initiative."

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Gog and Magog? Here I

Gog and Magog? Here I thought you were just wrong. Now I know you're crazy. Go ahead, vote for McCain, Lieberman, or some other Constitution shredding war monger.

As for Communism, there are now more Communists in the Obama administration and the Harvard faculty than there are in China. So just who should get the Gog of the Decade award?

"Gog and Magog" ??????

Go back to bed Dick Cheney, time for your meds.

Bush promised Gorbachev that we would not expand NATO eastward, a promise that broken over and over. Is it any wonder why Russia seeks more trustworthy alliances?

"China and Russia are like the US and Canada."

Nonsense. Our policies pushed them back into an alliance. Your irrational xenophobia is completely un-libertarian. This is not the "Daily McCain".

'Irrational xenophobia?'

'Irrational xenophobia?'

What freaking communist news rag did you get that from? The CBC...eh?

MSNBC perhaps? That's a term Chris Matthews would use, not a true libertarian who hasn't been brainwashed by their local public education system.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Insulting Canada now?

Once Keystone is approved you'll be our slaves forever, you'd better watch it or we might join this new alliance with Russia and China and then you'll really be in trouble.

You can't be serious, are

You can't be serious, are you? I really hope you're just being facetious. You sound like my pissed off little brother.

But why would you even suggest such a thing? It's not even funny.

"You'll be our slaves forever, you'd better watch it..."

And that is why Russia, China, and the whole entire communist mind set is a such a problem. They all think of people as being slaves to their "godly," state authoritarianism.

They act like 12 year old prepubescent dictatorial teenagers.

Grow up, and grow a pair.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Why are you here??

Have you ever heard Ron Paul or ANY Libertarian say anything like the nonsense you constantly repeat here over and over again?

States form alliances when their interests coincide and that certainly is true in this case. Aren't you forgetting that we owe both of them BILLIONS, money that will never be paid back?

Origins of the World Trade Center Attack & Black Eagle Trust

In the first phase of the economic attack on the Soviet Union, George Bush authorized Leo Wanta and others to destabilize the ruble and facilitate the theft of the Soviet/Russian treasury. This would result in draining the Russian treasury of between 2,000 to 3,000 tonnes of gold bullion, ($35 billion at the time). The gold was ‘stolen’ in March of 1991, facilitated by Leo Wanta and signed off by Boris Yeltsin’s right hand man. The majority of the leaked reports from the CIA and FBI suggest the theft of the Russian treasury was a KGB and Communist party operation, but what those reports omitted was the extensive involvement of Boris Yeltsin, the U.S. banking industry and the CIA.

In the second phase, Wanta, George Soros and a group of Bush appointees would begin to destabilize the ruble. There were two major operations: the largest was coordinated by Alan Greenspan and Oliver North, and implemented by Leo Wanta.

The 9/11 Cover-up and the Black Eagle Trust

With an understanding of the economic war being waged on the Soviet Union, the focus needs to turn to reports that on September 11, 1991, President George Bush was responsible for issuing $240 billion dollars in secretive bonds as a part of this attack on the Russian ruble. There are six lines of evidence from eight sources that suggest this was indeed the case. Many of these instances are corroborated with documents available on the Internet, presented by those making the claims.

The bonds sat for ten years, like a ticking time bomb. They had to be settled – or cashed in by September 12, 2001. The two firms in the U.S. most likely to be handling them would be Cantor Fitzgerald and Eurobrokers – the two largest government securities firms in the U.S. The federal agency mostly involved in investigating those transactions was the Office of Naval Intelligence. On 9/11, those same three organizations: the two largest government securities brokers and the Office of Naval Intelligence in the US took direct hits.

What happened inside the buildings of the World Trade on September 11 is difficult, but not impossible to discern. The government has put a seal on the testimony gathered by the investigating 911 Commission, and instructed government employees to not speak on the matter or suffer severe penalties, but there are a number of personal testimonies posted on the Internet as to what happened in those buildings that day.

Careful reconstruction from those testimonies indicates the deliberate destruction of evidence not only by a targeted assault on the buildings, but also by targeted fires and explosions. In the event that either the hijacking failed, or the buildings were not brought down, the evidence would be destroyed by fires. In addition to the investigative evidence being destroyed, the Federal Register reported that the physical securities held by the brokers in their vaults had been destroyed.

What would be even more revealing would be the actions of the Federal Reserve Bank and the Securities and Exchange Commission on that day, and in the immediate aftermath. As one of many coincidences on 9/11, the Federal Reserve Bank was operating its information system from its remote back-up site rather than it’s downtown headquarters. The SEC and Federal Reserve system remained unfazed by the attack. All of their systems continued to operate. The two major security trading firms had their trade data backed up on remote systems. Nevertheless, the Commission for the first time invoked its emergency powers under Securities Exchange Act Section 12(k) and issued several orders to ease certain regulatory restrictions temporarily.


OH Brother

Isn't this a delight to hear lol

Of course after the West has given them tens of billions of dollars. Russia alone has probably received about 20 billion just to dismantle some of its nuclear arsenal as I recall.

This is why foreign aid is just part of the game imo.

Now that the people of these countries absolutely despise the US and the West they have some very advanced capabilities which is going cost tons of more money to counter.

Wonder what the Russian/Chinese detention camps will be like? Hopefully they will have some in moderate climates to save on fuel costs. ;)