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(video) Spank Your Tomatoes...!

The title of this video caught my attention. Apparently it helps with pollenation, stimulates growth, and keeps them from misbehaving ;)

Here is a different video using aspirin to trick your tomatoes to release a defense against disease.

I haven't tried either method yet, but sounded interesting.

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i'm wondering about the apple juice

he explains about it setting the buds, but thoughts about a past video .... a guy talking about attracting bees using apple sauce....made me wonder more about the difference between buds pollinated and buds not pollinated...wondering if it makes a difference in reference to bud drop?


Sea salt is being used for the purpose of tricking the plant into producing "a resistance against attack", increasing the antioxidants, darkening the fruit color.

Not much info from my inner-net research though. Seaweed also has salt (sodium) contained in it and a person may want to go this route as an experiment.