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CO Protest against gun regulating governor Hickenlooper


The Mesa County Patriots and Freedom Colorado held a protest against Colorado's Governor John Hickenlooper. He was visiting our local university for a club 20 meeting. He has been regulating guns and ammo in CO using the Bloomberg Model.

We had robo-calls to people in the county, we had radio ads and used facebook. These methods have helped us have successful events. I strongly urge everyone to do the same things in the local areas. Many of our events are focused on education and also being strategic on legislation and statewide elections.

I am the one with the Ron Paul stickered skateboard listening to our patriotic secretary speak.

Update: Local media coverage



Here was a news story helping promote the event.


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Now Breitbart is running the story.

This governor's career is over if we keep this up.



Got our rebuttal onto Washington Times. Working on CNN and Mark Levin.


"DENVER — Colorado gun-rights advocates who met with Gov. John Hickenlooper after a protest rally Saturday may have prayed for him, but that doesn’t mean they support his stance on firearms or that they appreciate his making that fact public."


It appears that John Hickenlooper is positioning himself for a presidential run which is why he was able to get the national liberal media to try and minimalize our protest.


If Hickenlooper is visiting your area please work with the local groups to protest him. He is thinking that his national liberal media machine will help discredit his opponents but we should be vigilante against him and his ilk.

Facist media strikes again!

Throwing their own spin on the protest to make it seem that we somehow compromised because we had a regular prayer at the meeting.


Great job

Nice work. Ron was right, doing this stuff is fun.


Here is a vid that someone put up already.