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need help Ocd and anxiety

My wife is struggling and wants to get on meds looking for a natural cure

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Rats need 27 minerals, Humans need 60 for full health.

Humans need 90 essential nutrients but the soils are mineral deficient so foods are also mineral deficient.

At 27 minutes Jeanette asks about Anxiety and Depression

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Here's my list:

Get exotic, buy a world map and a set of darts, cook from whatever region you hit with the dart.

Good spices to try: Fresh ginger root, tumeric, fresh ground coriander, fresh diced garlic, cayenne pepper, cumin, among others. Buy a mortar & pestle if you need to.

Drink red wine with some of the dishes, have an "exotic food night" twice a week or so.

Make sure to have at least one day a month where you both completely remove yourself from your normal environment.

I think there are some types of old fashioned root beers that still contain st johns wort.

Encourage her to volunteer in the local community if possible.

Have a wild night where you hit a comedy bar and have a few too many. Sometimes laughter can be a great medicine. Comedy on TV is NOT a substitute.

Use surprise and spontaneity occasionally.

Try some new tricks in the bedroom. (roleplay perhaps?)

Check your air quality, house mold, physical possibilities.

There are so many factors governing human health, keep educating yourself!

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Find a healthy obsession

If it is her habitual way of being,
she may need to allow for a complete transformation.

A change in everything: diet, exercise, hobbies, past times, mental occupations.
Develop the ability to concentrate through reading (a book, not clicking around the internet), playing music.
Control environmental stimulus and mental input,
no unconscious background random input (radio/tv commercials).
Do not multi-task, leads to habitually scattered mind.
Be very aware of your actions toward her.
Never interrupt, grab attention, shout, make startling noises, nor emotionally manipulate.
First consider her state of mind before exposing her to whatever you are about to do or say. Don't blurt.
Get her away from unhealthy people and relationships, at least for a while.
Sleep when tired. Take naps. Do not wake to an alarm. No groggy risings in morning. Lye in bed until naturally rising.
Meditate. Not empty minded meditation, but conscious processing and accounting of thought.
Learn to steer the mind away from unhealthy or unwanted thoughts.
Discover new interest you know are healthy.
Loose weight while sweating out toxins. Sauna.
Active or passive stretch.
Minimize exposure to electro-magnetic frequencies.
Learn to balance the mind and body through directed attention through entire insides. (Taoist inner smile.)
Always balance protein and carbs (minimize blood-sugar spikes).
Have a get-away to a place with fresh air. Air out the house.
Eliminate dust.
Perform real actions toward concerns.
Resolve differences with people, at least put them to rest.
Get the adrenal glands flowing.
Eat psyllium husk.
Create health rituals; doing thinkg you think/know are healthy.
Know you are getting better (belief is 30% effective in placebo studies).
Long showers. Indulge ..in healthy things, and private things.
Do what you know you should be doing.
Dance. Sing. Crawl. Roll around. Skip. Breath. Pursue dreams.
Do nothing.

Knitting? It could be

Knitting? It could be profitable.

If she finds a naturopathic solution, cool.

If she doesn't, it really depends how severe the symptoms are.


A fairly good, medium strength antidepressant used for Anxiety is Remeron. Standard dosages are 15, 30, and 60mg. It's a 'night time' med, it causes drowsiness.

Another benefit of Remeron is that it's easy to come off of. There are a few other popular antidepressants used for Anxiety that are brutal to come off of.

Let's just say, from perhaps personal experience, if a naturopathic solution doesn't work, your wife trying Remeron would probably be a good start.


Seek the help of a trained exposure therapy counsellor/doctor. There is an A&E show called Obsessed that you could use to prep yourself with some knowledge:


Many of the featured sufferers gain immensely from exposure therapy treatments.

rid herself of caffeine

and do exercise.

Lots of good advice here.

I might add that in addition to seeking help from a medical professional, omega3 oils (flaxseed oil, cod liver oil, and coconut oil) like some others mentioned here, are perfect and a must, actually. Also daily vegetable juicing (not fruit) is very valuable for the B vitamins, and Iodoral, which is an over the counter iodine/iodide supplement that thyroids and all organs that are meant to excrete substances need a lot more of than the allopathic medical world thinks. I buy my Iodoral from Amazon.

Thank you all so much!

Great advice as always

freedumb is not free!

For that I use a high quality

For that I use a high quality omega 3 and now also trying magnesium, they both are good for over-all good health also. I hope she feels better soon.

My fix all...

Works 100% of the time...Run 1 mile a day and triple your water intake...If that doesn't fix your world, then I suggest listening to Mike Adams The Health Ranger...Here may be a helpful article:

I hope all the best for you, I have found relief through exercise and diet compounded with a better spiritual connection to my higher power...(Not to scare you off with the last part) We all wish the wifey a peaceful recovery...My credentials are...I'm a PHD in absolutely nothing...

Bad food, worse weather, please rEVOLution the states so I can bring my family back home!
Rosa Koire for for President!

Time and place

I understand your fear of meds. There are many doctors out there who believe that pharma is the answer. In most cases, it isn't. If you don't trust your doctor, do your best to find one you do trust. Doctors are only people who have opinions and bias that can be wrong. Pharma simply treats symptoms not causes. However, meds do have a time and place. They can be used as a tool to return to normalcy. For example, an individual with stroke level blood pressure can and probably should use BP meds to reduce imminent stroke risk while he/she makes lifestyle changes. The key is to use them as a tool, not a solution. Be weary but not afraid of drugs. If the tool doesn't fit, don't use it. (Tactile hallucinations from meds would be an indicator of using the wrong tool.) Mental disorders don't have the stigma they once had. You and your wife don't need to be worried about that (by posting here you probably aren't but it still needs to be said). Herbal remedies also have a time and place. I applaud you for looking into those. But please don't convince yourself they are the only option. Therapists and counselors are also a great tool, but again make sure the tool fits. Don't give up if the first person doesn't fit. Take a serious look at your lifestyles and external factors causing stress in your life. Make changes and give changes enough time to have an effect. Remember you are not the only one out there having problems like this. And remember, the stories of people going crazy on meds are anecdotal and highlighted by the media but many other people have been helped by meds to return to a normal life. I understand the fear that can be involved. You and your wife can get through this but it will take time and a lot of effort.

Naturopathic remedies


Rhodiola - anxiety and OCD
Kava Kava - anxiety and OCD
St. John's Wort - depression and anxiety
SAMe - depression and anxiety
5HTP - depression and anxiety
Omega3s - overall mental wellbeing

Begin with Omega3s, Rhodiola and St. John's wort. IF the anxiety doesn't abate then add SAMe.

Try it for a month (religiously) and let us know how it goes.


Cut out all processed foods, all added sugars and most starches. Shop exclusively in the produce section, or better yet grow your own.

Forgive my ignorance

What is OCD?


OCD= Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

I know 2 people that have to deal with this. One girl washes her hands ALL the time, and another can't leave or enter a room with out turning the lights on and off 3 times.

One of the girls uses marijuana and it calms her down, but it's a crippling condition no matter what drugs you take.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Essential oils

May take the edge off...lots of people have used them with success. Use only 100% pure therapeutic grade...these are medicinal and many can even be ingested. Other EOs are basically air fresheners (lots of additives, not 100% pure with other parts of plants mixed in, not tested).



These oils mentioned are Doterra oils; safe to use (100% certified pure therapeutic grade). You can research others. Lots of places to buy them online, or you can go here: www.mydoterra.com/leavesforhealing.

Good luck - Speaking as a women, it's hard to nail down what could be causing it. Could even be vitamin deficiencies, and hormones are hell.


It's natural and effective

check this out: http://www.nutritionalsupplementscenter.com/info/HealthSuppl...

Hormones are very key

in making women feel anxious. When I was hormonal bc, I thought I was going to grind my teeth into a powder.

I would definitatly have the adrenals checked too, like CarrotTop said. The word hysteria comes from the greek goddess hester, who was moody. Ergo hysterectomy. - The idea sticks that a woman's hormones make her feel nuts sometimes, that's just the way it is.

A holistic practioner would try to find the imbalance and put it right, not just stuff pills down her throat.


Hormones are the root of all evil, in my book. AND, they are hard to balance.



πολλα γαρ πταιομεν απαντες ει τις εν λογω ου πταιει ουτος τελειος ανηρ δυνατος χαλιναγωγησαι και ολον το σωμα

This sounds like thyroid and adrenal

problems. Most physicians are not competent to diagnose and treat this. If you can find a bona fide naturopathic doctor or a medical doctor who is also an N.D. or competent in homeopathics, you may find answers.

thanks for the reply

I'm scared for her too start any meds and stop

freedumb is not free!