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1984 Was Wrong; Technology Will Liberate Those Who Seek Liberty

Please do not misinterpret what I say, I'm a big fan of 1984 and believe in Orwell's message to America. However, contrary to 1984's vision of a robotic police and surveillance state, technology has liberated far more people than it has enslaved.

The age of information has leveled the playing field so to speak because almost anyone has access to information that was only available to the privileged in the past. It used to be true that you had to go to college to get a quality education but these days one only has to search the internet. For the first time in the history of the world almost anyone with internet access can get a first class education. Knowledge is power and the keys to knowledge are know only a click away. Those who seek truth now have access to truth and thus, access to freedom. As Ben Carson pointed out,

"it was illegal in the Antebellum south to teach a slave to read because to educate is to liberate."

and as Jesus told us in John 8:32

"And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free"

Keep learning and spreading the truth everyone. Freedom is at our fingertips, let freedom ring!

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Haven't you heard of CISPA

Haven't you heard of CISPA and all the other assaults on the Internet? The thought police and the memory hole are alive and well and are already in full force on the Internet. Trolls are everywhere and obfuscate truth through inundation, but true deletions down the memory hole also happen quite often.

For example, can you find the actual letters from Clinton that the Guccifer hacker released?

Even if you could, sometimes one must question such sources as being part of the thought policing process.

We are far from safe, and ever closer to 1984.

Yes, technology is a liberator,

however technology is the ends to the means. Technology can create a society where most people do not have to work any longer, which is the ultimate goal of the human race... Evolve to the point of utopia, or to ultimately be symbiotic beings with the planet and universe, taking neither for granted.

Unfortunately there is only one way to get to that ultimate end; money has to go away. There can be no free society if money is being used as a tool to trade for goods and services. The same goes for bartering. If any one person is forced to give up their time or goods for trade, then there is slavery. The person is a slave to the system for which the money or goods need to be earned so they may be traded for other moneys or goods.

IF society...

...could somehow survive the evil uses of it, the advanced stages of nanotechnology will usher in the ability for everyone to manufacture anything, dumping dirt or grass into a machine, and having anything you want for basically free, molecularly precise, self-repairing, efficiently harvesting solar energy, etc., etc. Then people would only really need to barter with each other if they wanted to, to learn skill sets, art, music, etc. I'll trade you some piano lessons for learning how to swim, etc.

I'm afraid the Bill Joy vision of us devolving into dystopia first, may be more realistic. :|

More and more

I am beginning to think along the same lines. With the internet, 3D printing, Bitcoin...it seems to me that technology that liberates people is beginning to vastly outpace government's ability to clamp down on freedom using technology.

This may very well be the one part of the plan the Police State never thought of - that it's own technology could actually be what ultimately liberates the very people it intends to enslave.

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Yes, and young people are becoming more friendly to liberty

The young tech savvy, liberty friendly generation is liberating the world.

The older generation is always scared of technology, whether it be cell phones, computers....etc.

The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson

Not Counting On It

Wasn't Bitcoin was essentially just made illegal? It now counts as money laundering technology. 3D printing is an interesting one though that's for sure.