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Where Now for Sandy Hook Truth? Multiple Shooters.

Multiple shooters. Trying to pin down if there are enough smokers or not, or if it was a set, only plays into the hands of those seeking to discredit all questioning and dissent. Same with whether any kids died but instead where whisked away somewhere. All this will emerge as death certificates and grave sites are found.

There is something off about a scrawny 120 lb. kids with all that ammo hanging off him doing all that shooting, without as much as one wounded kid to tell the tale. With the exception of two wounded adult witnesses, one STILL being kept secret, anyone who may have seen Lanza died.

We should be focusing on getting the 911 call tape (not scanner chatter), the police reports, and the search evidence which they are now trying to hide. At the end of this month the seal expires. We should be on top of this.

Those affidavits will reveal what was found inside the trunk of Lanza's car and in his mother's house.

AP has already slammed the police for not releasing the 911 call audio and police reports. We need to keep that momentum going.

Also we should focus on the surveillance video.

The most likely possibility is that there were multiple shooters. It makes no sense that they would kidnap kids to kill them or for sex slavery when killing them right there would have 100 times the impact. Why fake kids' deaths to instill fear? These people have no problem with killing.

As for sex slaves, far less risky to find those in poor white communities rather than rich ones like Sandy Hook, where people are not used to being powerless.

Who cares if anyone is smoking and it looks like a set when we have video of men bolting for the woods? Come on dude. The "fake actors" thing would be just the kind of false flag within a false flag which would distract from the big glaring questions.

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LOL anonymous downvotes already begun from

the "no one died" double false flag crowd.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

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short video summarizes my questions pretty well.

It's worth the 20 minutes imo..

thanks for the post..

will definitely watch

and respond.

Release the Sandy Hook video.