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To vote for Rand or not to vote for Rand

I often have disputes with myself over whether or not voting for Rand Paul (or voting and participating in politics in general) is a good idea. I think I have come to a conclusion.For a long time, I was against taking political action or participating in the system at all. I felt that by voting, you are doing nothing but giving credibility to the political process. The farthest I ever wanted to go was voting for Ron Paul in the primaries. Like Ron Paul said in his farewell speech, political action, whether it be voting or running for office, is not how Liberty will win in the end. In the end, we will win by changing the hearts and minds of people. However taking political action can help us to achieve major victories in the short run. One example is in Colorado and Washington where Marijuana was legalized. Or in many other States where they have nullified legislation like the NDAA. It may be true that political action may seem to give credibility to the system. But I bet none of you are willing to say that those examples are a bad thing for the movement, even though they were brought about by the current political system.

In short, I really like Rand Paul. He is definitely not a Libertarian and he is certainly not like his father but at the same time I know that if he is elected president he will fight to accomplish many things that will be a huge victory if accomplished. He will fight to audit and end the fed, scale back on drug policy, end the TSA, end HUD, end the department of education, and maybe even scale back the wars. I think all these facts are worth voting for him. It would not be an example of voting for a lesser of two evils.

I don't like the fact that Rand sucks up to the GOP and tells them what they want to hear (the exact opposite of what Ron did). But if another establishment candidate is elected and starts another war. I don't think any of us will be able to sleep at night knowing that we refused to vote for the candidate who may have stopped this just because we didn't like his strategy.

however, if another candidate, such as Napolitano, chooses to run, I'm throwing my support behind him.

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Right now Rand is my guy. If

Right now Rand is my guy. If someone else comes along it think is better I'all go with him/her.

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams

Don't knock the GOP

the GOP isn't what it was... there's plenty of liberty lovers in the GOP.. taking committee seats.. check out your GOP central committee. No reason the GOP can't be the LP, since the LP nominates republicans anyways.

I have an idea

Just write in Ron again. Is Rand the same as Ron? No. Will there ever be another like Ron? No.

Is Rand the other side of the river?

No. But he is a stepping stone to get us closer. Some are annoyed by that because they can swim across and dont need a stepping stone. Yes that's fine but most people who we're trying to reach can't swim like we can yet. They do need stepping stones to get across. As time goes by and education increases we can get stepping stones further out into the water closer to the ideal of the opposite bank. I feel Rand though not the opposite bank is sure footing to get us closer. While he is only a stepping stone there are crocodiles in the water posing as stepping stones. Be wary. So many fall victim to them election after election.

You're right liberty will not win through the political system, but that doesnt mean we can't use it to aid us in the struggle to change hearts and minds in the meantime as Dr. Paul demonstrated. Keep a long perspective, stay involved and keep moving forward slowly but surely.