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Let's ride this $5 million publicity train people!!!

Today and tomorrow, we all need to flood the daytime and late night talk shows with (nice) emails about Ron Paul's success and that we'd like to see him on their show. I'm sure he'll get his share of appearances already, but it wouldn't hurt to help speed things along. A coordinated effort, like doing it all at the same time (today and tomorrow) will have a much bigger impact than scattered throughout the campaign. The time to do that is RIGHT NOW!!!

Forward this to all your meetups so we can get Ron Paul the exposure he needs. There won't be a better time to do this!!!

Letterman: cbsmailbag@aol.com
Ferguson: http://www.cbs.com/latenight/latelate/email/
Leno, Conan: http://www.nbc.com/Footer/Contact_Us/
Kimmel: http://abc.go.com/site/contactus.html?lid=ABCCOMGlobalFooter...
Ellen: http://ellen.warnerbros.com/show/dearellen/
Regis and Kelly: http://bventertainment.go.com/tv/buenavista/regisandkelly/in... (Go to Help, Contact Us)

I couldn't find the one for Jon Stewart or Colbert, so if someone can find them please post them. Also if there are any other shows to consider, feel free to post them too.

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Only 99 reads, we need A LOT more people to do this!!!

We need more people to do this! Send this out to your meetups. Forward it around. It's takes less than 5 minutes and is about the easiest thing you can do and can have a big impact. The buzz off this press is going to die down. It's up to us to take advantage of the moment and keep the momentum going.

Start Close to Home

If you regularly participate somewhere, start there where people know you (unless they don't like you ;)

Use your imagination. Why not have him on Dr. Phil talking about how to handle ridicule and bullying, for example?


What do you think? http://consequeries.com/


I wrote them all, did you?



"Hey... just hope you know how neat Ron Paul's 3rd quarter fundraising success was (5 Million!) It'd be great to see him on your show... I think he is a really unique politician with a very important message about freedom. Thanks!"