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Rand Paul's Staff Complicit in Stopping Ron Paul's RNC Nomination?

It would appear that Rand's staff was working with the GOP to stop our efforts to nominate Ron Paul:

"Right then a short, white-bearded man marched past Sen. Paul, over to his chief of staff, Doug Stafford. It was Ben Ginsberg—veteran of the Bush-Gore recounts, top legal macher for Mitt Romney, “the lawyer for the Republican establishment,” author of a new Republican National Committee rule that would bind delegates more closely to winning candidates. Ginsburg, carrying a sheaf of papers, leaned in and buttonholed Stafford.

“I’ve got your guys trying to put Paul’s name into nomination,” he said, pointing at the papers. “Right here, buddy.”

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But you'll need to do some critical thinking here.

If Ron Paul is such a threat, why does he get paraded around in the MSM? IF he was a danger to any agenda, the TPTB wouldn't let him near any microphone they own, but he makes more appearance than any other politician.

He's part of an agenda to make those who advocate liberty look like Anarchists rather than people advocating for justice. He's their favorite clown, and he's clowning America's advocates for liberty.

If Ron Paul is fighting for liberty and to 'restore Constitutional Government to the United States of America' why is the Daily Paul filled with people who condemn the very idea of justice, and why do most of the oldest and most venerated "Pauler's" seem to only want to break up and destroy our country?

Why does Ron Paul hang out with Anarchists and Communists like Lew Rockwell?

Lew Rockwell, founder and chairman of the Mises Institute and executor of Murray Rothbard's estate: " It would be a great thing to break up the United States, just like it would be a great thing to break up the European Union."

What are Lew and the other frauds selling to you? Secession? (sign this petition little Anarchist)

Are you fricken kidding me!? "Secession" isn't something an Anarchist can even pretend to sell. All they can sell is revolt.

The phony defenders of liberty subscribe to Anarchism, not 'a return to Constitutionally limited Government'. Laws are backed up by collective force, and what threatens your liberty has NO PROBLEM taking it with collective force. Unless you advocate that the principle our laws defend is liberty, you have no value to liberty, because you won't serve justice.

Without justice or law, what you'll be left with is injustice, and what is it Ron Paul wants people to do; opt out, scream taxation is theft, preach Anarchism while masquerading as a Patriot, and turning the advocates of liberty into "sovereign citizens", freeloaders and haters, a divided and defeated people who can rule or defend NOTHING, least of all their own liberty, because they never knew what threatened it to begin with!!!

I'm done pretending Ron Paul is my friend. He is NO FRIEND TO LIBERTY OR OUR COUNTRY. IF he was, he'd never be allowed onto that idiot box or to stand on the stage in Platos cave, but the MSM is MORE THAN HAPPY painting him as a clown, because that's his job.

His job is to turn you into an Anarchist clown rather than a patriot.

Lew Rockwell a commie???!

You are an idiot. Rockwell is an ancap, he believes in the power of the unhampered free market and the dogma of the Catholic Church. And it makes a heckuva lot more sense than Rand pauls toadying to the gop and pretending anything good is going to come of it.

Lew Rockwell is an Anarchist.

Just like his buddy of 40 years Ron Paul, and Anarchists are mostly just Communists who know what they offer ends in failure and believe labor will win out in a free market of violence.

No goon squads or free market of violence for you little Commie... We have a system set up for wanna be warlords like you, it's called justice.

deacon's picture

if WE as you put it

have a system of justice then why do we not use it?
like say for the fast and furious debacle
the too big to fail bankers
presidents selling classified documents to foreign countries
or how about them all just breaking the american written laws on the voting for the bailouts,voting for the patriot act and extensions
voting down some the 10 amendments,
the way i see it them reps have no known laws to follow,but we as
a people seem to have a lot of them,and most if not all break our
laws,laws that were written so this didn't happen
and laws written for punishments for breaking them

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

Am i...

Am I the only one slightly afraid at how he's using the word "justice" in these posts?

Rereading them, it's starting to sound ominous.

Eric Hoffer

deacon's picture

sounds more" just us"

to me,so no you are not the only one
especially seeing we as a nation have laws
for justice,but the ones who swore to uphold them
are the ones breaking them,and putting whistle blowers
behind bars

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

Do you fear justice?

There are MANY people here who do. When justice is something you fear and oppose, you're no friend to liberty.

I say be wary of those who fear justice, not those who hope to impose it. Justice is a negation imposed on injustice. The foundation of justice is to defend liberty, and since what threatens your liberty has NO PROBLEM with using collective force to take it, you'll need to defend liberty with collective force.

"Freedom, liberty and their common defense."

There's a VERY GOOD REASON I can say 'Anarchists are worthless to liberty' and why they get an ominous feeling when you bring up justice, and it's not because justice is something you should fear.

deacon's picture

do i fear justice?

as a matter of fact I do
the brand of justice here in america
is not justice
america is a land of corporate statutes,codes
and ordinances,these help create more injustice
and the only ones who are under these,are the lower class
they do not ever apply to ones who voted and or created them out of thin air
why would anyone not fear putting their very lives in the hands of the ones who do not follow what they create and choke us with?

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

Are you so ignorant you

do not know the vast difference between an anarchocapitalist and a communist? They are direct opposites, moron. Free market of violence??? And that would be worse than the tyranny of violence of a state class monopoly on aggression, the goon squads afflicting us and the Middle East NOW?? How exactly?? Because the political class are inherently more noble and better than those of us laboring to support their parasitic asses?? Educate yourself, fool.
Anarchy means absence of government, not communism, which is total government, boob.

If Rand's staff helped stop the nomination...

I would have to assume that it would be with Ron's wishes. From April 2012 on, Dr. Paul avoided the opportunity to have any direct confrontation with the Republican Party. Many of his delegates were ready to fight- even in the face of certain defeat, to make their point. But, with the exception of some general statements about the corruption of the primary process, Ron was publicly silent.

It was horribly depressing at the time. It's tough to say if it had more to do with Rand's future or Ron's wishes. But for all the speaking out Ron was willing to do, he's always been a humble, conservative gentlemen- not the rebel-leader-type. I'm not so sure that Rand would have endorsed Gingrich or Santorum, had one of them won the nomination. I think that Ron and Rand felt like they had a decent enough relationship with Romney, and some influence in the administration had Mittens won (I know, unlikely- but it's always nice to believe).

Visit for all recent Ron Paul interviews, speeches, debates, forums, panels, press conferences, news coverage, and Texas Straight Talk updates!

"Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of

You wrote: "It's tough to

You wrote: "It's tough to say if it had more to do with Rand's future or Ron's wishes."

I disagree. I think that Ron's wishes and Rand's future are the same thing. But I do regret donating to all those moneybombs if Ron had no real intention to actually fight for the nomination, all the way to the end of the convention!

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!

how'd you jump to this conclusion?

how do you reach this conclusion from that article? looks to me that Ginsburg brought those papers over to Rand Paul's staffer angrily, accusing it of being "Rand's people" trying to place Ron's name into nomination. nothing indicates that Rand's staff had anything to do with stopping the papers from being submitted, it is very clear that the GOP establishment was angry about the papers being submitted and Ginsburg was directing his anger at Rand Paul's staff as if it was their fault, as if they had something to do with it.

the GOP establishment didn't require Rand Paul's staff to ignore those papers. they didn't require anyone, they just did it, they just ignored it. obviously Rand and his staff didn't expect Ron's name to be put up for nomination, Ron's official campaign didn't expect it to happen either (it was dedicated delegates that made that happen on a grassroots level, not a top-down strategy)... but there is nothing in this account that indicates to me that Rand Paul's staff had anything to do with it one way or another, except to say that Ginsburg and the GOP establishment identified him and his staff as being associated with the Ron Paul folks and therefore directed their anger over the nomination papers at them.

Rand got 30 years to observe his dad and learn the game.

He could hardly have ever been called a 'freshman' senator. 30 years of tutelage makes one a freshman no longer. Was he planning to go into politics for most of that time? He says no.

But as Yogi Berra said, you can observe a lot by watching.

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

I like how in politics people

I like how in politics people forget when people are FATHER and SON. LOL. So Ron Paul is a moron, right? And he would still talk well about his Son now after his Son screwed him over, right? GIVE ME A BREAK. You people are the DELUSIONAL ones listening to this BS pretending that RAND PAUL and RON PAUL didn't sit down or talk as FATHER and SON and talk this whole thing out. Like... the WHOLE THING. Don't you think they know a little bit more about their relationship than the rest of the world? You people are idiots.



18 upvotes for that vacuous remark? You got a down-vote from me. "You people are idiots" is not the least of my reasons. That total just made the DP a lot less appealing to me.

Boo hoo. He's right. These

Boo hoo. He's right. These paranoid libertarian zealots are a drag. Sure there's only like 10 of them, but im so sick of hearing their conspiracies about who the latest traitor is. Now its Ron Paul, the man who woke up the entire world to liberty. These people can go @#$% themselves. And I don't care if you're offended by that. Im sick of brooding puratins who somehow think the government's just going to go away all on their own if they pretend its not real. It is real, and its getting more dangerous every year good people sit around and do nothing. We don't have a ton of time before the bankster empire is going to be stuffing you and all your family into a FEMA camp or dropping a Hellfire missle on your heads if you don't wake the @#$% up and start taking political power back while it still matters. It may be too late, but its sure as hell too late if your road to victory is to sit around with the other 5 dumbasses in your local Libertarian state convention, brainstorming about which person is a traitor today.

"...the man who woke up the entire world to liberty"

As if.

Is that what his comment was about?

Wow. I think I drank too much fluoride today. Is Rand going to be the one to save you from this terrifying scenario? I think I will go have a big glass of tap water on that note.

Anyone we can get into any

Anyone we can get into any electable politicial position whom the establishment does NOT want, including the PotUS is a "symbol" of change in the right direction. If we can elect Ron or Rand Paul against the obvious wishes of the Banking Empire and their fraudulant media, than we don't "need" to be saved. We "are" saved, and the mindset of the nation has changed for the better.

People have the government they deserve.

We may not have a perfect system (no system) for a thousand years, but id rather be aimed in the right direction than the wrong one.


Bad people get into politics for power reasons. They want power, that's essentially why they are bad.

If we can all agree that that was not the reason Ron Paul got into politics after a career in Medicine, and that as a politician Ron Paul never sought power over us, then by what twisted, warped, stretch of the imagination would anyone think that Rand Paul followed in his fathers footstep just for the sake of power?

Do people really believe that Rand Paul is piggybacking off of his fathers work for the purpose of self aggrandizement?

Get a grip and recognize opportunity when it presents itself. Rand Paul is a well spoken opportunity for the liberty movement. Stop trying to tear him down.


You Rand supporters are as delusional as the neo-cons I try to convince about the War. It doesn't seem to matter to you how BAD the guy is, the response seems to always be that "he's just playing the game." What does he have to do to wake you guys up, start eating children or something?!?!

Our movement needs to focus on issues and records, not on personalities and last names. We're starting to become what we worked so hard to stop...

Why do you waste time trying

Why do you waste time trying to convince neo-cons about the War?

Only an idiot would waste time arguing with neo-cons, instead of finding and equipping the liberty movement.

If you absolutely can't stand Rand, then work at getting someone elected to Congress who is better and try to build the movement instead of merely tearing people down.

How "BAD" is Rand?

List for me the things that Rand has done that proves that he is so horrible that "start(ing) eating children or something" would be necessary to expose him.

That's right, he voted for the Iran embargo/sanctions -- you have one vote on your list of "how BAD the guy is".

Endorsing Romney before the Convention is the second thing on the list.

Rand done TWO bad things, he's so BAD that only delusional people would support him; just like neo-cons who still support the War 10 years later.

in other words, . . .

"You can trust him - he's lying."

well said, btw.

You can't win if you don't

You can't win if you don't play.

"WIN" what?

GOP/elites shill of the day?

Political power. If you don't

Political power.

If you don't have it, you can't dismantle it can you?

Absolute power corrupts

absolutely. I don't trust you or Rand with political power any more than I trust the Obammunist.

Ah but you can certainly

Ah but you can certainly trust people to work toward their own self interests. Mine is to live free and not see my daughters living in an Orwelleon nightmare. You don't trust anyone with political power, and that is not unwise, but at the same time, political power is a dangerous weapon much like a gun. Unarmed people are nothing but victims of armed criminals. The corrupt collrctivists are using their monopoly on political power to destroy us.

Arm yourselves for crying out loud. You worry that politics will turn Ron Paul libertarians into corrupt oligarchs, but I say bullshit. This is a revolt, and there will never be a more principled and idiological group of people as there is at this time. Don't get me wrong, eventually the collectivists will sneak back in and begin to spread like a virus again; but not soon. The world knows more about the hands pulling the strings than at any other time in history of humanity. Technology is throwing gasoline on the bonfire of the establishment and global puppet masters. This is the age of Libertarianism, and I am uncorruptable, as are those who come to our meetings and swarmed the neocon ramparts with me. I don't care if you believe it, I don't care if the tactics I used to win my delegate and PCO positions offend your useless sensibilities, if you aren't fighting to take your power back from them, than you are meaningless to me. And if you can't understand that self defense applies in reasonable measure to your right to liberty and property just as much as your right to life, than you are being handicapped by false ethics and will always remain a slave to the state wether you "believe" it or not.

Statism and politics

only frees statists and politicians.

Rand Paul supporters are delusional?

You do know that Ron Paul is a Rand Paul supporter, right?

Or is Ron Paul delusional too?