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Rand Paul's Staff Complicit in Stopping Ron Paul's RNC Nomination?

It would appear that Rand's staff was working with the GOP to stop our efforts to nominate Ron Paul:

"Right then a short, white-bearded man marched past Sen. Paul, over to his chief of staff, Doug Stafford. It was Ben Ginsberg—veteran of the Bush-Gore recounts, top legal macher for Mitt Romney, “the lawyer for the Republican establishment,” author of a new Republican National Committee rule that would bind delegates more closely to winning candidates. Ginsburg, carrying a sheaf of papers, leaned in and buttonholed Stafford.

“I’ve got your guys trying to put Paul’s name into nomination,” he said, pointing at the papers. “Right here, buddy.”

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Name calling is not a convincing argument. You don't sell out Liberty to promote liberty on the MSM. Jesus didn't sell out to Satan to promote Christianity.

AD in NV

Ron Paul was Nominated on the floor. Chairman ignored nomination

Mark Twain, reporter publishes the scoop on DailyPaul.

Here is a DailyPaul forum stating it right in the title.
Ron Paul Nominated for President in Tampa, GOP Changed Rules
Submitted by GBAmerica on Sun, 09/02/2012

Proof: 6 Delegations Officially Submitting Their Ron Paul Nomination Forms to the Secretary of the RNC
Submitted by GBAmerica on Fri, 09/21/2012

Bad-Mittens! ... Bad-Mittens!

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

I saw worse than that.

I saw Ron Paul's campaign submarine itself and everything we were doing...

How many of you sat in those strategy room sessions getting told to 'just keep it to Ron Paul's talking points', and to 'blend in with the crowd', to 'hide your shows of support', and to even pretend to be Romney supporters!?

If we're going to be honest, let's be honest! It was a self defeating campaign designed to lose.

In Pierce County Washington, Ron Paul's name wasn't even on the official caucus header as a candidate, and if we had followed his advice, nobody would even know we were there. When 1/3 of the room was forced to stand up and identify themselves as Ron Paul delegates, you can be sure some eyes were opened. A little old lady even turned to me and asked: "why isn't Ron Paul's name of this flyer?"

Thank God we delegates were there, because a bad campaign designed to lose can stop a candidate, but not the people who never expected it to save them to begin with.


But even worse ......once the rest of the GOP field had been cleared, Dr. Ron Paul himself refused to be a standup guy and make a clear, public, visible argument in opposition to Mitt Romney's nomination and his fitness for President.

He just said "never mind", and walked away from his own Campaign in April right at the point when he was drawing 10000+ sized crowds, and had growing momentum -- as the only alternative left in the race to Mitt Romney.

Whether he could have caught up and won or not is irrelevant. He had the rare opportunity to draw a spotlight and build and maximize the movement in a big visible way, and lead a huge faction right into the Republican Convention, and force the World to recognize his issues and a new platform.

But instead by quitting, it made it real easy for the RNC to just ignore and trample on his followers (now leaderless), and easy for the Media to return Ron Paul back into an insignificant non-entity.

The Campaign sucked, but so did Ron Paul himself.
There was no fire in his belly (unless the subject of Rick Santorum came up).

He wanted to give Mitt Romney an unimpeded path to the Nomination.
He wanted Mitt Romney to not have to face any challenge.
He wanted for himself to just go away quietly.

When it counted, he didn't stand and fight.

i think it's pretty obvious

i think it's pretty obvious that he was told to stand down or some very bad things were going to happen to his family. i mean, if they rejected 6 nominations at the convention, they would surely do anything to prevent Ron Paul be the nominee at any cost, no matter the rules. like ron paul always said, become part of your local republican party and work up from there. he knows the national party is rigged.

That's just speculation...

I don't believe this (threats). Ron Paul had a lot of visibility, so they couldn't just physically harm him without it being very obvious and disruptive. Ron Paul also for long had his own private security, so he would be a hard target anyway. This wasn't it.

And what Doug Weed said was that Romney simply threatened to run negative ads against Ron Paul (that's all). But Ron Paul had a clean career (no affairs, no corruption). So all they could do is try and throw up the racist charge against him one more time again. And that had already been played out, and wouldn't have had any new impact. So it wasn't threats that did it.

And it wasn't that he was too much of a gentleman either. He had no inhibitions about just attacking Rick Santorum, and calling him "a fake" -- yet he would not go near a fight with Mitt Romney on any issue. There is no explanation why Ron Paul ran away from his own Campaign (once the field was cleared), except that he didn't ever expect to, or want to be even the #2 guy at the Convention, much less the Nominee.

In his mind, with Victories possibly pending in some States, big crowds, and momentum clearly growing, he had gotten too close for his own comfort and it that possibility scared him. Ron Paul simply did not want to ever be President, or (sadly) to even lead any Convention movement of any kind. He never wanted that responsibility.

He really just wants to talk about bubbles and "The Fed" (which is really a private Bank Cartel) on Financial TV shows, and to speak to College kids as an "educator" and sell his books.

He had no problem asking for money from the people, but when it really mattered he didn't want to stand and fight for anything.

And remember when Dennis Kucinich drafted Impeachment Articles against Bush and Cheney, Ron Paul did not show any support. The real fights were never there.

It was a betrayal.

or maybe not attacking romney

or maybe not attacking romney (let's face it, he was chosen from the beginning) was part of the "deal", too.

Pretty Much Sums... up, although this simple accurate assessment will be just as popular as a turd in the punchbowl.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Sadly, what you say is 100% correct.

And a lot of people got played for fools ----->

Rand supporters

are so desperate to support a sell out like Rand, that they are now attacking Ron! Well, I guess they are just following their idol, Rand, who attacked his Dad, in a sense, by selling him out and endorsing Romney (instead of his Dad) right during the Texas convention.

AD in NV


The Paul family has been working hard to form yet another political dynasty. Operative word being "political."

This is only more evidence

This is only more evidence confirming that Rand (and his staff, and Ron's staff) sold out Ron.

I'm saddened that so many people have already forgotten that horrible interview on Hannity, on the day of the TX State Convention, when Rand endorsed Romney.

Ron was still in the running and was even gaining momentum. Rand's message and timing were treacherous.

That was a sell-out of Ron and every Liberty supporter around the nation. If he did that once, why do we think he won't do it again?

Pinning all our hopes for freedom on Rand would be a huge mistake.

At the time Ron's name was nominated by six states the rules

still said it only took five states. It was after that that they retroactively pretended they were changed with that 'rules change' read off a teleprompter in defiance of the actual verbal vote.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

This only confirms

what we witnessed throughout the whole campaign. Rand and crew threw Ron "under the bus" for the selfish aspirations of Rand and those who want to be the "big deal" campaign leaders for the 2016 campaign. Notice how Ron pretty much did everything for us and Rand does pretty much everything for himself?

AD in NV

You are suggesting that Ron Paul is altruistic

You are mistaken.